Monday, 19 October 2015

Home Diwali Decoration Ideas 2015

Hindu festival called Diwali or known by many as the festival of lights, is held during the months of October to mid-November. It is celebrated to mark the victory or god over the evil. It marks the day of Lord rama ‘s  re-entery to ayodhya after killing evil king Ravana. This five-day celebration is gifted with India’s rich culture and significant religious beliefs. All throughout this momentous occasion Hindus and tourists alike can enjoy the different ways of celebrating Diwali. Fireworks, lighting of Diyas or small clay oil lamps and sharing of sweets are just some of the traditions being practiced during this time, to name a few. For most Hindu families, Diwali is that time of the year where their artistry and creativity comes to display as they prepare and decorate their homes for the festivities. Here are some tips and ideas in decorating your home for Diwali festival 2015.

Wall Hangings

As guests and relatives visit your home during Diwali, it is important to decorate your home in a nice way. Bright and colourful wall hangings can be used in the living room wall behind the sofa. If you have stairs, then brighten the walls with wall hangings.

Candles/ Diyas

When it comes to Diwali celebration, the first thing which comes in mind is lighting. Generally people do it in a regular fashion but let’s give a small twist to our decoration idea this year to make it more exciting and beautiful.There are different types of candles which come in the market during Diwali. You can light up a huge decorated candle along with some flowers and decorative at the corner table of your living room or you can decorate it the way you want and put it on the bed of roses which will heighten the beauty of your space. More interestingly you can take a wine glass and fill it half with a white or brown sand after that put some sea shells and pebbles over the sand. Now take a t-light candle with an extended upward wire which you can easily fix up on the top of the glass through the curve of the wire. This is an innovative idea which will definitely earn you a lot of compliments.


It is said that drawing a rangoli at the main door entrance and Puja room entrance brings prosperity and good luck in the house. So draw a nice rangoli with colourful chalk powder or flowers. Make sure you lighten the rangoli up with diyas.

Sculptures and centrepieces

Sculptures and centerpieces are those home decors which gives an inimitable stylishness to your house. They just not enthral your guests with their aesthetics but also poise your space. Choose antique gold sculptures for this Diwali which will easily merge with your ethnic interiors. And for centrepieces you can create your own with candles and diyas, harmonizing them with fresh flowers.


Flowers are great embellishments. Spread the aroma of flowers in your home, by hanging garlands made of flowers. You may choose marigold, lilies, rose, jasmine or exotic flowers like orchid and carnations, to Decorate your home for Diwali. Fill a flower vase with aromatic fresh cut flowers and place it at your living room table.

Electric Lamps

While candles and diyas have a special place in the list of decorative items for Diwali, electric lamps have also gained popularity. Brighten up your rooms with the use of decorative chandeliers. Make use of lanterns for the backyard or lobby. You may hang string of colorful LED lights at the entranceway. Lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Buy a number of these to brighten up your home this Diwali.

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