Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Best Tips for Decorating Your Outdoor Garden

Outdoor garden decoration refers to doing up the whole landscape using paths, walls, water features, plants, and sitting areas. While nature beautifies a garden with its fresh flowers and plants, man-made structures like ponds, waterfalls, and water-fountains also add to its beauty.

Unique Design Plan

You can have a unique and serene environment in your garden, if you dedicate a few hours to it. A good design plan is essential for a beautiful garden. One can try landscaping, as it not only adds to the beauty of the garden, but also gives a cooling effect to the outdoor space. Vertical planting can bring more greenery into the garden. For kids, parents can make a fairy garden; keeping in mind, the fairy theme which makes use of fairy wind chimes, bird feeders, statues, fountains, cottages, and houses. Another type that is in vogue today, is a water garden. Depending upon the space available, you can have a small pool of water for aquatic plants like water lily, watercress, and lotus; you can also add certain fish to it.

Level up

Creating levels is great way to take advantage of vertical space in a small garden. Place pots on a garden ladder, which can be found at most gardening stores, or make your own. Paint a wooden ladder. Screw boards or plywood into the rungs to make shelves. Position pots on tree stumps, stands and old wooden stools and chairs of differing heights. If you have a trellis, add a hanging plant or two. Too many will chop up the view, making your garden seem smaller.

Go for seating

Large pieces of garden furniture will overwhelm a tight space, so opt for a wrought-iron café chair and table or a small bench. Leave pieces of iron furniture distressed and weathered for a rustic feel or apply colorful rustproof paint to give your garden a lively pop. Accent seating with patterned pillows or cushions in water-resistant fabric.

Add charming touches

Rusted watering cans, worn gardening shovels and spades positioned at angles on a fence, wall or staked into the ground create whimsy and intrigue. Scour garage sales, secondhand stores, flea markets or your grandmother’s shed. Find a vintage wagon and use it as a plant container, turn a metal fence panel into a trellis. These touches make your garden fun and unpredictable.

Lights And Lanterns

The way you light up your garden space also plays an important role in its ambiance. You can choose some nice candles for calm nights and lanterns for a moonlit night. Solar power lights are also gaining popularity and will take care of your budget as well.

Flower Pots

Buy large decorative flower pots and grow the plants you want to move around different areas in your garden. You can grow different aromatic plants and different species of flowering plants and position the nice smelling plants in the patio or around the seating areas. You can also create a wonderful display by growing flowering plants of the same species bit of different colors. Nevertheless, make sure the pots you use are not too heavy for you to move.

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