Saturday, 10 October 2015

Control Weeds in the Lawn and Garden

Weeds are a common challenge around the home landscape. Even the best landscapers and gardeners must deal with these persistent pests. There are, however, proven methods for reducing and controlling weeds.

Weed seeds exist in almost all lawns and gardens, and spread in a number of ways. They can be dispersed by wind, water, animals, soil amendments, poor quality grass seed and lawn and garden equipment. Many weed seeds remain dormant for years before they begin to grow, since they must reach the soil's surface and receive the proper amount of sunlight and moisture before they germinate.

Weed Prevention

While fighting weeds is a year-round job, weed prevention is best practiced in the fall and early spring to take advantage of the growing season of turf grasses. A healthy, thick lawn is your number one defense against weeds. In fact, a badly weed-infested lawn is usually a sign of nutrient imbalance or other soil problems.

For a nice, Green lawn that is free of weeds, focus first on getting your grass healthy, then give it a couple of months to become strong before applying weed control products. Minimize turf areas, so that you’re only growing grass where grass easily grows. A small patch of healthy grass is far more attractive than a huge expanse of thin, weedy lawn.


Watering the lawn deeply is very important, especially during the drought periods. You can water the lawn once a week in the early morning. It is a good time for watering, as the evaporation loss is minimal during the morning. Light watering and frequent irrigation causes germination, and encourages the growth of shallowly rooted weeds.

Use chemicals with care 

If you need to resort to using weed killer then make sure that you read the label carefully, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Never apply chemicals near ponds and other water habitats. Always choose a still, calm day to undertake spraying. Always wear appropriate safety equipment when applying herbicide.

Attack annuals regularly 

The old saying that ‘one year’s seeding makes seven years weeding’ certainly holds true. Annual weeds produce huge amounts of seed that rest in your soil until conditions are right, and then suddenly appear overnight. Fortunately these can be easily controlled with the hoe while they are young. Never let them reach flowering stage.

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