Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Feng Shui Tips For The Home Office

Feng shui is based on the flow of ch’i, or the energy that connects people with their environment. Feng shui teaches that the design of your home and the correct placement of objects affect your balance and the flow of energy. By properly arranging your environment, you can stimulate wealth, love, success, happiness and overall prosperity.

Successful corporations such as Citibank and Chase feng shui their offices to achieve maximum financial potential. The following feng shui strategies from David Daniel Kennedy, author of Feng Shui for Dummies, can easily be applied to your home office space.        
Right Room

Choose the Right Room It is believed that energy flows from the front door and spreads upward first. So the ideal space to create your office should be relatively close to the front of the house, on an equal or higher floor. "It really needs to be a place where you feel good in," says Ken Lauher, a noted Feng Shui consultant. He recommends avoiding dark closets and basements.

Work area

If you are working from home, it is ideal to have a workspace that is separate from the other energies of the house. The home office should be located as far from the bedroom as possible in order not to conflict with sound sleep. If your office space must be in your bedroom, be sure to separate the energies with a screen.

Select a desk 

he possible negative energy of a previous owner, purchasing a desk new is best. The best desk shapes are rectangular or curved. Avoid working at a desk that is missing corners or incomplete. L-shaped desks run the risk of positioning your back to the door and limiting your movement and the flow of energy. Desks should be sturdy and preferably made of wood.


Light is a form of energy. Many home offices are inadequately lighted: a ceiling fixture, recessed lighting, a lone desk lamp. Borrow a design idea from the executive suite. Bring softly diffused light to your work surface with a table lamp with a white or off-white translucent shade.


Color is light made visible. There is no one best feng shui color for a home office. Move beyond corporate beige. Use color accents to boost your energy while working in your home office.

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