Thursday, 23 July 2015

Top 5 Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Most people love the idea of having a creative bedroom decorated in such a way that it inspires romance. After all, the bedroom is the place where a couple can really get close and be romantic. It is not hard to get a romantic look and feel for your bedroom. Once you start looking, you will find inspiration from many sources, it is just that most people have trouble starting it.

Customise your creative bedroom in accordance to your own love story, and you can have a better chance of surviving the tough times. It is a simple way to rejuvenate your love life. Most people fail to realise that the bedroom is where love’s highs and lows are played out, and to have it clustered and unorganised can mean that you are making things worse. Here are some romantic bedroom decorating ideas.                                                  

The color scheme you choose for your bedroom is as important as the decorations. The reason is that colors have a way of connecting with emotions. Sharon Hanby-Robie and Deb Strubel, authors of Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces write, "Decorate your home with the colors you and your family love. It doesn't matter what the latest trends are or what the fashion gurus think.

Spindle Furniture While this inviting creative bedroom gets a dose of character from multiple patterns, the real showstopper is the bed frame's bold spindle design, a classic country style of furniture that's making a comeback.

A romantic glow was what designer Gary McBournie aimed for in the living room of this Palm Beach home. On the pilasters between French doors, he mounted Bagu├Ęs crystal sconces from France for a bit of sparkle. Chosen for its Venetian silveriness, the mercury glass gourd lamp is from Walker Zabriskie.

Special memories Frame and display photos from your wedding and honeymoon  , or from other special times together.  Frame a copy of your wedding vows. They will remind you of how your love blossoms and grows over the years.

Layered Patterns Don't underestimate the value of soft-spoken accents. Here, pale pink pillow shams and glass knobs play an important supporting role to the bedroom's decorating ideas blue-and-white foundation. Accessories (a book, the basket, and a blanket) in slightly brighter shades of pink finish the look with a little extra oomph.

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