Friday, 10 July 2015

Find The Best Dressing Tables Ideas For Your Bedroom

The dressing table is absolutely essential for every woman. Women love to sit long at the dressing table and to contemplate themselves in the mirror. If you need to set up your bedroom, consider whether you would have space for this beautiful piece of furniture. We offer you best dressing table ideas.Perfect your bedroom with this dressing table set, by Ekbote. With a stylish mirror frame and a vanity mirror table, this dressing table set is a must have. The wooden frame of the mirror is wide with curved edges on the top, and the other two sides are stylishly edged, with a clear mirror. The solid wood table has split storage with three drawers on one side and a single cupboard on the other to increase storage space.        

The most important part of the dressing table is the mirror. Then comes the space to keep your beauty wares. So if you can think of a smart way to fit in a mirror into your home and manage to place your cosmetics around it, you have a space that can be your open dressing room. Here are some really cool dressing table ideas for small spaces that you want to try out.            
Cottage character

Cottage style is timeless, it is traditional but with a sense of modesty and nonchalant style. This dressing table is an excellent illustration of all of those traits. Place this lovely cottage/country style piece of furniture in your bedroom for an ageless and well-built heirloom that is guaranteed to last many generations.

Slim Dressing Table

If you can compromise on the breadth of your dressing table, then it shouldn't take too much effort to fit it in against the wall. Such dressing tables can be tall but not broad.


Hesperide dressing table designs provide a few basic parts. On the sides there are convenient drawers where you can store any important items. In the central area is the separation, which can be opened if necessary. The rest of the time it is closed, so the table will look more compact. Manufacturer Schönbuch is always presenting quite attractive dressing table ideas.

Mirrored Wall 

This is the most fabulous idea for those who have a terrible space crunch. You can have a mirror that covers one entire wall of your bedroom. Cover up the wall with a curtain. This idea will allow you to have a very large mirror so that you can try out different clothes.

Fairy tale dresser

A dresser fit for Cinderella herself! This gorgeously traditional table blends fairy tale frivolity with a hint of practicality and a good helping of whimsicality. Add perfumes and lotions, scented candles and fine jewellery for a space that evokes happiness and fanciful magic.

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