Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas for Small Yards

Careful backyard landscaping could make your property more enjoyable and attractive. In a tiny yard it is important to consider the way you envision using your outdoor space prior to making any changes. Use these ideas to make the best use of the available space while experiencing this look you want.

Open or more

Try not to break up the space, think open and flowing. Decks are hardly ever used in a very small yard as they possibly can take up valuable space with railings and posts. A stone or brick patio is an attractive, less bulky option. Also, keep your clutter in the garage or hidden from sight (see Multipurpose below). The greater open ground space visible towards the eye, the larger the space can look. Look for birdbaths that hang or wall fountains - you'll have all the benefits of a water fountain without sacrificing space.

Create an Illusion

Exactly the same tricks that people use indoors to own impression of more space may be used when backyard landscaping design. Carefully placed outdoor mirrors can double the amount appearance of your space. For planting, take full advantage of available space by building raised planters. Raised planters draw the attention up and give the illusion more space. Staggering plants - planting taller grasses behind colorful perennials can give depth to shallow planters and may offer much needed privacy. When selecting plants for your yard, make sure to use caution with plants labeled invasive or aggressive. You don't want your small yard overrun.


Should you must plant invasive plants for example English Ivy or Sweet Woodruff inside your small space, limit these to containers. Aside from keeping rampant growers under control, containers take up less space and provide you with the option to rearrange your landscape. Be sure you choose containers that are correctly scaled towards the size of your yard. Although a sizable pot may make a dramatic focus, too many large containers will consume precious space. Small containers manufactured have the same impact and are portable. They may be moved to make more room for any dinner party or to suit your changing tastes.


If you're to enjoy your outdoor space, you will need to add seating. One of the biggest challenges with traditional patio furniture is fitting it right into a small deck or patio area without making the area look cluttered. Instead go for multipurpose furniture, such as solidly constructed wooden boxes, which offer storage and can be used to supplement seating or tables. In a tiny yard, benches can be an attractive and useful addition. Incorporating benches to your planter design will provide useful seating in addition to storage.

Landscaping a small yard does not mean you have to sacrifice beauty and performance. If you implement your landscaping priorities while using tips above, you'll attain the look you want despite the small size your yard.

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