Sunday, 19 May 2013

Paint Color Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Several coats of glossy paint can rejuvenate cabinets and give the room a bold change. Color choices for kitchen cabinets are restricted only by your style preferences and kitchen counter top selection. Lighter colors give the illusion of space inside a smaller kitchen, while a bigger kitchen with a high ceiling may go through more cozy with a darker color.


White may be the classic color choice in kitchens. White cabinets provide the room a clean, timeless look, making a small kitchen seem bigger by reflecting more light than darker colors. White can also be the ultimate combination of neutrality and contrast; you are able to pair white cabinets with nearly any counter top without having to worry about clashing colors, and white cabinets contrast dramatically having a darker counter top choice.


Green is really a versatile color for cabinets. Dark green paint gives cabinets an old-fashioned look, while green cabinets may reflect a homeowner's quirky decorating personality. Think about using two shades of green in your kitchen cabinets; paint the doors a rather lighter hue than the cabinet boxes, for instance. Green accents natural wood colors since brown and green often appear together anyway, so consider leaving a wood island unpainted to own room a rustic accent.

Black cabinets look very modern or very rustic, with respect to the style of your cabinets. The contrast of black cabinets with white or colored walls is extremely dramatic no matter your cabinet style. Black cabinets also contrast with or complement granite counter tops, based on your color selection.


Red is really a bold color for kitchen cabinets, contrasting starkly with black or stainless appliances. If you want red cabinets which are less intense, soften the color's effect by combining it with elements for example light wooden floors and patterned curtains.

Bright yellow cabinets can remind you of summer around the coldest days of winter. Like white, yellow is extremely reflective and makes a room seem larger. Red wall accents contrast with yellow cabinets very dramatically, while green accessories create a more complementary combination.

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