Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Paint Ideas for a Modern Living Room

Just because you want decorate your family room in a modern styling does not mean that you have to go cold and industrial. Here are some paint ideas to spruce up your modern styled family room.
If you have redesigned your family room with concrete walls and floors, consider texturing the walls with a soft white which will catch natural light, warming the area. A sand rub or light sponge paint works well. Also, consider a long, colorful mural such as orange or purple. These colors will contrast the grey floor and walls and, unlike a primarily white piece, will reflect the colour of the mural creating a "glowing" effect.

Remember, modern family room decor is not all about sleek black and whites. On the other hand, modern design is about lines and complimentary colors. Even though you have several indented wall spaces, try painting each space another shade of your main color. This can draw attention to the room itself and provide off a developed feeling of a self-conscious room - one that turns into a part of the design instead of housing design items.

When you are choosing a paint color for the modern living room, note the furnishings you plan on decorating the area with. If, for instance, you've got a fabulous iron coffee table with rounded edges and complicated features, plan on making that piece your highlight within the room with a solid grey color. If you are hoping to warm the room up just a little, use a grey that is more tinted with green. This, against dark molding or dark wood flooring will bring richness to the room even while highlighting your iron piece.If you are on a budget, try touching your existing paint job and adding new, sleek lighting fixtures: preferably stainless steel.

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