Monday, 21 September 2015

Most Effective Tips For Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Weed control isn’t difficult, but it isn’t as simple as most people assume. It’s not as easy as going to your local home and garden center and buying weed killer and spraying it on your lawn. Weeds are tough to get rid of in a lot of situations if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some tips on lawn weed control.

Before following any of the lawn weed control program, it is necessary to identify the type of the weed. Lawn weeds can be primarily divided into two types depending upon the way they emerge from seeds. the secret of having a green lawn lies in providing sufficient nutrients (lawn fertilizers), practicing effective lawn weed control and following the proper mowing regimen.      

If you think you are going to get good coverage on weed leaves from a granular product in your bag, you’re just plain wrong. This is especially a problem when dealing with weeds like clover where leaves are very small. Liquid systemic weed control will cover the entire leaf and get easily absorbed by the plant.

Mowing the lawn is important for more than appearance sake. Every kind of grass has an optimal height for health and growth. Along with proper fertilization and watering, maintaining the ideal height will mean that the grass can compete against weeds.

The label of your weed control. Some materials require 24-48 hours of waiting until mowing occurs to allow the weed control to circulate throughout the entire plant. Otherwise, you could be cutting off the leaves and losing some of your herbicide. Most weed controls are fully effective as soon as they dry on the leaf tissue, and even when still damp, but consult your label for that information as well.

More is not better. There will always be a recommended range of active ingredient that should be added to water to make it effectively kill weeds in your lawn. If you don’t follow these recommendations you will either not fully control weeds or they can have damaged leaf tissue without the root system getting affected.

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