Friday, 18 September 2015

5 Best Family Christmas Ornaments

The Halloween cheer starts to fade, the smell of Family Christmas will fill the air. Homes will come alight with rooftop reindeer, snowmen frolicking on snow-covered lawns, wreaths and stockings, and lights that twinkle like stars. Of course, Family Christmas trees with amazing balls and ornaments stand on a corner complete with mistletoe and glittery table runners.

The family christmas ornaments make a great gift for the whole family. The selection of family ornaments includes two parent family christmas ornaments, single parent family ornaments, multi-generation family christmas ornaments as well as ornaments for individual family members.    
Tech-y Ornaments

Do you have old CDs no longer usable stashed at home? Make use of these by cutting it into tiny pieces. Spray-paint a Christmas ball with your choice of color and glue the pre-cut CD in place. See how its kaleidoscopic color manifest each time it catches light.

Paper Mache Ornaments

This Christmas decor may require some efforts but is truly worth your time. It can be used over and over again and can even be redesigned to a specific theme. Luckily, there are paper mache kits available in most of the arts-and-crafts store for you to easily create one. Make decorative balls, boxes, Santa and other Christmas Ornaments figures, little angels, a Nativity Set, and so on.

Hand-Painted Light Bulbs

Family Christmas is not Christmas without lights. This is the time of year where homes are bright and cheerful especially at night. There is really no need to throw your old twinkling lights and spend on a new set. Learn to recycle but this time, add a special touch. Make use of your artistic talent by painting these lights with stars or snowflakes, penguins, snowmen, and other Christmas-y pieces to add zest to the design.

Handcrafted Reindeer Family

Let your banister come alive with handcrafted reindeer galloping from the foot of the stairs up. Recycle old boxes from appliances bought can be easily transformed into reindeer galloping form. Use acrylic paint to design these boxes, metallic ribbons as rein, add glitters, or twinkling lights to make it more lifelike. Some online merchants also offer customized reindeer for Family Christmas home ornaments at fairly reasonable price. 

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