Thursday, 3 September 2015

5 Simple Tips For Clean Organizing Your Bedroom

The Organizing bedroom is generally the last area to fix, but professional organizer Randy Ballesteroes of Gainer Organizing thinks it should be one of the first. "It is the place where you start and finish your day. You want it to be stress free and relaxing. So don't be afraid to pamper yourself you deserve it."

We’ve all been there: hours spent cleaning a room only to realize that’s just half the battle. The other half is actually keeping it organized for more than the next hour. Organizing Your Bedrooms are so high traffic we spend so much of the time there  that things are bound to shift instantly. It’s practically useless to try to keep things in their place. That’s why my clean bedroom organization tips below are all about making things just a bit easier, so next time you go on a cleaning spree, all won’t be lost instantly after.

Do your research before making a move. Gather clippings and magazine photos of ideas you like and keep them all in one place.

It helps to measure the room and draw the shape on a piece of paper. Trust me, it is easier to draw and erase a full-size sleigh bed than it is to move it across the room.

Picking colors is always a difficult task. There are so many opinions about what is right and wrong or in and out. Get over it. Find items that you love such as pillows, CD covers, artwork and vacation pictures, then draw inspiration from those colors.

Don't be afraid to paint bold colors. If you hate it, you can always change the color. That's why paint was invented.

Closets are always an overwhelming job. It is such a small room in the best house, but it is generally the messiest. I recommend taking a deep breath and going in with a clear mind and goal to reclaim the space. Assess the clothes you truly wear. Then be brutal.
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