Monday, 12 January 2015

Limestone Kitchen Countertops Ideas

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house, and one that draws the most attention when you are trying to market your home. That is why it has consistently been one of the most advantageous renovation projects you can undertake as a homeowner, garnering one of the highest rates of return per investment.

Whether you are undertaking a major kitchen overall or simply looking for a way to freshen it up a little, replacing the countertopping is an affective place to begin with. There are many materials you can choose for countertopping, and one such material is limestone.


Limestone countertops are fragile. They will chip and crack beneath hefty use. Countertops corners are also vulnerable to breakage. Chips can usually be sanded out to help restore the surface appear. Irrespective of being a good deal much more lower-value than granite, the upkeep worth of limestone countertops is greater and they could need to be replaced in time, because of damages to the surface.


The porous nature of limestone countertops can make it reasonably straightforward to clean and remove stains. Only cleansers that are specified for limestone countertops call for to be utilized. Limestone countertops do require to have far much more maintenance than other organic stone surfaces. The widespread use of a penetrating sealer to avert damage is quite advised.

The Expense of Limestone

Limestone, like other all-organic stone products, does value far much more than manmade elements, but the rewards are significant. The total cost of limestone installation, no matter regardless of whether or not for a floor or a countertop will vary largely based on the dimension of the kitchen, or flooring spot. The best estimate can assortment amongst $ a single hundred and $ 300 per square foot set up. Functioning with a trusted retailer of limestone and other stone objects can help to make assured you are obtaining the very ideal deal.


Limestone absorbs liquids and incredibly effortlessly stains, specially when acidic meals objects, come into talk to with the stone. When you set up your limestone countertops, they have to be professionally sealed.

Right proper following that, limestone countertops ought to be sealed at least as speedily as a yr to maintain away from staining. Even although no sealer is a hundred-% powerful at retaining stains from seeping into your limestone countertops, water-largely based mostly mostly sealants provide the most security. Particular cleaning sprays that have sealing properties may be utilised on a weekly or month-to-month basis for added safety.

Cleaning Limestone

When cleaning limestone, there are products which people can buy that are made specifically for cleaning it. There are also products that can be used that will “seal” the limestone. This will offer protective seal on the limestone and make cleaning up other messes a lot easier. The sealer only needs to be applied once time, but it may need several coats. Regular cleaning is still required to make sure that the seal will last as long as the countertop.

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