Friday, 5 September 2014

How To Grow and Care Tips For Indoor Plants

House plants beautify your environment, purify air indoors, and create a naturalistic element to often sterile-looking office spaces. Because they grow and change, many people even view plants as companionable. They may be very easy to care for with a few ideas to keep them healthy.

Indoor plants are great for giving you better d├ęcor. They can liven up or soften an area with minimal effort. They’re also really quite simple to maintain but there several things to think about to ensure they remain an element and don’t become a wilting mess.One of the most important things to consider is where you sets the plants. Are they apt to be placed somewhere that gets plenty of light and will they conserve a hot or cold area. Generally, bright light but not sunlight and a constant temperature are the best conditions. Plants don’t like to be put through very harsh light and discover it difficult to thrive when you will find big fluctuations in temperatures.

Caring for Indoor Plants:
Watering Needs
  • Every plant has different watering needs…some prefer to stay on the drier side plus some like to stay moist.
  • Most interior plants only need bi-weekly (every two weeks) watering unless they’re with a very warm window with a lot of light.
  • Look into the type of plant you're caring for (nursery, internet, books etc)
  • Location! Could it be by a window, indirect light, low light
  • What type of soil is it in? Compact, loose, lava rock, bark etc… Could it be direct planted in a pot? If that's the case, does it have a hole on the bottom to release water?
  • Airflow is important
  • Most interior plants don't require very much fertilizer
  • Typically you need to fertilize from Spring towards the end of Summer every other time you water. You don't need to fertilize during the winter because the plants go dormant.
  • If you have a plant near a warm window, you may need to fertilize that plant more regularly and through the year. In the winter months, about once a month.
  • Make sure to use light fertilizers such as Dyna-Gro or MiracleGro “Houseplant” fertilizer. As long as the label reads for interior houseplants, it should be OK.
  • It is very important to maintain your plant clean and dust free. Not only does it help the plant look better but it also helps its pores breath better helping prevent bugs and diseases.
  • Attempt to clean your plants atleast monthly. You can use mitts or cloth both in hands to clean both sides from the leaf. You can also use a duster in between to keep the dust off. It is very important that you thoroughly clean whatever you use to clean your plants. You don't want to spread anything from plant to plant.
  • There are a lot of cleaning products on the market which are natural and safe to clean your plants with. There are soap products like Jungle Rain and Tropical Mist that you could purchase or make your own aware of some warm water and a bit of soap.
  • Make sure to take off dead leaves and clean the decorative containers.

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