Thursday, 7 August 2014

Choosing the Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Indoor gardening is a concept for apartment dwellers who do not have spare land for outdoor gardens. And trust me, it is as interesting as growing a flower garden inside the yard. All you need is basic plant care tips plus a good choice of plant varieties. If you're prone to allergy conditions, and also have children or pets at home, selecting indoor plants generally is a little difficult for the fear from the plants’ toxicity. This article helps you get the best choice.

English Ivy

This charming evergreen vine grows happily in low or indirect light conditions. The leaves are poisonous, so keep them from pets and kids. Fortunately, English Ivy enjoys containers and hanging baskets, and brightens up shelves and dark corners beautifully. Research indicates that English Ivy is effective at removing benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, as well as other allergens for example mold and airborne fecal matter. Hang one near your pet’s letterbox, or in the bathroom.


If you have less time to nurture your indoor plants, ornamental fern varieties are suitable for you. Taking care of these plants is straightforward and they require less maintenance. If you’re allergic to pollens, place these plants at walk out. This will help in reducing dispersal of spores and spreading of the identical in the house.

Peace Lilies

Included in the best flowering plants for indoor gardening, peace lilies are most popular by hobbyists. They require a hot temperature, high humidity levels and shade conditions for optimal growth. The flowers are white in addition to their shape is almost similar to those of anthurium. The foliage is ruby and large, thus adding to the aesthetic price of the room, even in the non-blooming season.

Bamboo Palm

This sturdy palm can grow tall, between Three to six feet, and is an elegant plant in almost any room. It’s effective at removing the formaldehyde often utilized in furniture, so arrange it alongside chairs, couches, and end tables, in indirect light. During dryer winter season, the bamboo palm may add a bit of welcome moisture towards the air.

African Violet

African Violets are not only seen beautiful, but also pretty inexpensive and straightforward to maintain. They will bloom for around nine months at a time, and wish moderate, indirect sunlight. If there is any extreme changes in temperature, simply move them from the window. Over-watering is the most common method to kill African Violets, so only water your plant once the top soil is dry to touch.


The sword shaped leaves from the Dracena plant can come in a variety of colors and variations, and may easily reach ceiling height when looked after properly. This plant is the best for ridding the air of chemicals present in lacquers, varnishes, and gasoline. Also known as a Corn Plant, the Dracena is really a dramatic, but fairly easy plant to keep.

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