Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tips for Decorating Your First Home

 Moving into your first home is a very exciting time, but if you haven’t lived in your own place before deciding how to fill a whole house and obtain everything you need can be a minefield, never mind deciding the appearance and style that you want your decor to possess!

Just because you don’t have a lot to spend doesn’t mean you have to put up with a home that isn’t to your tastes. Here are our tips on working with what you have and can obtain cheaply to create your new home work for you:

Choose your paint swatches carefully
Many people don’t understand the power that colors holds. When deciding on what colors to paint your walls first start out having a neutral color that works in many rooms. Whether it's a bedroom, living room design, kitchen, dining room or bathrooms it's easy to decorate and then decide if you should add a bold accent color or completely re-paint the whole room. It's important to choose your colors in line with the type of energy they represent. For instance, a light green has a soothing, calming affect while red supplies a dramatic and energetic feeling. An easy green might be ideal for a bedroom or bathroom while a red may be perfect for a dining room.

Stick to a neutral palette

We can’t stress that one enough. Sticking to a neutral colour palette will enable you to change the look and feel of your parking space more easily and means you don’t need to repaint every time you want to mix things up or with each new season. A neutral colour pattern is versatile, chic and simple. You will find over 180 shades of white paint available providing you with more than enough choice and it’s not even close to boring. Think China white, Chantilly lace, Pearl lusta and Chalk white. White is the best backdrop to showcase your furniture and d├ęcor and ensures they obtain the attention they deserve. This go-to neutral pairs perfectly with each and every shade, but don't underestimate its capacity to stand alone.

It’s all about texture & interest

Texture adds sensory richness. The rule of thumb when decorating with white is by using textures to create layers of comfort to prevent it looking cold and flat. It’s additionally a good rule to remember when decorating generally. It’s the little details that create interest and depth. Within the bedroom, use throws or blankets in your bed and on your favourite chair, give a lovely cushion. In a living room high is more space to fill generally, attempt to add piles of books topped having a lamp or lovely glass cut bowl full of objects next to a chair to produce a cozy nook.

Accessorizing is essential

Accent items are like the icing on the cake. Without them, a room can seem to be empty and bland. You’ll be amazed how many accent pieces you have in your home that you might not be using therefore it doesn’t always mean you have to spend some money. Re-think items you currently have. Could you change things around for any new look? Try a different cushion in your bed. Changing your accent pieces because the seasons change is a great method to keep things looking fresh.

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