Friday, 10 January 2014

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a kitchen can be a stressful affair since there are a host of things that need to be considered in the wall and cabinet paints towards the counter spaces, storage cabinets and also the garbage disposal system. With a smaller kitchen the issues are compounded since the only a little space not only needs to accommodate your everyday items but also look elegant too. Including the elements of functionality, comfort with fabulous kitchen designs could be a tricky affair. However, using these small kitchen remodeling ideas, your tiny apartment kitchen will be a delight to work in.


Adding vibrant colors for the kitchen is one of the cheapest ideas to remodel it. A good and creative use of paints can completely transform the appearance of your kitchen. You can also go for faux finishes, which look absolutely stunning. Buy kits and follow tutorials for the finishes. You can try painting the walls of your kitchen in two different colors. Alternate colors on opposite walls also look very pleasant in big kitchens.

Storage Solutions

The simple formula of a good small kitchen design is efficient and proper space for organization. What this means is reducing the clutter on the countertops and instead having kitchen cabinets and shelves to maintain your daily necessities. Double stacked kitchen storage cabinets, particularly the ones which use the vertical space make the perfect idea for a small kitchen. Instead of sticking to large cabinets where the last parts of the self storage units remain unused, opt for rotating shelves, take out drawers and shelf inserts to maximise the limited space of your kitchen. Find out more on kitchen cabinet design ideas.

Rational designs

Developing a triangle layout in the kitchen is somehow efficient for small spaces. The triangle involving the sink, fridge and stove sounds being impossible but if your kitchen is in a gallery layout this can be done pattern.

You can always evaluate the spaces and also the location of the elements in the kitchen to help make the set up easier for you to navigate and also you must always offer the most of your counter space after which adding a small kitchen island is just one of the best techniques to gain more space and work space for storage too. This design provides you with more spaces inside the kitchen.

Kitchen Decor

The kitchen decor ideas should be sure that the space looks spacious plus much more functional. This includes the lighting, wall paints, cabinet colors and d├ęcor of the kitchen. The position of the artificial and natural lighting sources within the kitchen can contribute to the illusion of a sizable size kitchen. Lighting under the cabinets, small wall scones and chandeliers can all give a sense of space to your kitchen.

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