Sunday, 1 September 2013

Choosing square dining table for group dinner

Entertaining a family group friends in your home is definitely an artform. You’ve been to great dinner parties, you’ve been to poor dinner parties. You need to be the person that hosts those fabulous parties that individuals simply rave about for weeks in the future. You may even want to be the standard through which all the dinner parties in your circle are measured. There are lots of factors that go into throwing a great dinner party: the menu of course, the cleanliness of your house, and you’ve heard over and over it’s about presentation.

Go thru these steps to choose or buy square dining table-

  • Measure your dining room, and write down its length and width on a sheet of paper. Your square dining table should ideally leave a 30- to 36-inch perimeter so that people can comfortably move their chairs in and out from the table plus leave room to walk. Also account for any additional furniture in the room, such as a sideboard.
  • Choose a square dining room table material that will complement the decor already in your home, such as dark wood like mahogany, oak or cherry, or choose a kid-friendly material like laminate, pine, acrylic or glass.
  • Measure the square dining table in the store before ordering or buying it. Also, select a square dining room table that will be functional as well as attractive; for example choose one that extends with one or more leaves for holiday dinners or opt for a less expensive fixed-size table. So put a square dining table as a dining room furniture.

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