Monday, 2 September 2013

Beautiful Christmas decoration to make your home attractive

Traditional home Christmas decorations which have been used year after year include trees, candles, stockings, holly, mistletoe and pine boughs. An example of a common traditional decoration may be the wreath. Wreaths symbolize never-ending life: Their unbroken circular shape combined with use of evergreens such as pine embody the standard Christmas theme of eternal life.

Check following tips for Christmas home decoration:

  • Get some nice wide and open pine cones. You can purchase them in a craft store or ask somebody who has a lot of pine cones untouched inside a yard. If you take them in the ground, they will need to be cleaned. Make use of a small paint brush and tepid to warm water to clean as best you can. Allow them to dry for a couple of days under the sun or by a heater vent.
  • Have a pine green spray paint and paint the pine cones completely. Make use of a brush to get inside in which the spray can't reach. Allow them to dry for about a half hour. If you wish to get a little fancy, paint the guidelines of the pine cone white to appear like snow. It is best idea to make Christmas decoration attractive.
  • Get some small red, green and gold pompoms or beads. Dab the beads with hot glue and stick them in to the openings of the pine cone to appear like balls. You can use craft glue if you like, but it takes longer to create.
  • Use a metal bottle cap and glue this towards the bottom of the pine cone. Put one bead on top, and you have a little Christmas tree. You may make it as fancy as you like with the addition of glitter just to jazz up. You can even drop in a few drops of pine oil allow it a realistic smell.

  • Sit them out throughout the house. You have a very festive accessory for your decor. A few may even serve as centerpieces for Christmas dinner.
  • Place a glass fishbowl on the counter. Hold some stencils of the Christmas scene against the outside the glass. Spray on glaze or smoke. Be sure you cover the rest of the bowl. You can purchase spray smoke or glaze at the local craft store. You may make a garland pattern all the way around.
  • Contain the stencils steady as you spray the smoke throughout it. When you remove the stencils, you ought to have your Christmas scene amidst the smoke.
  • Allow it to dry for about an hour.Place a Christmas flower candle ring inside. You may also use pine needles and small pine cones rather than the ring.Throw in some dried fruit and dried flower tops. That produces an instant potpourri that you made yourself.
  • Place your pillar candle in the center of the ring or even the potpourri. If you make the potpourri, make sure your candle scent matches it or complements it.

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