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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Whether planning a new bathroom or remodeling one, creating an eco-friendly bathroom could be a money-saving option that's healthy for that environment and the people residing in the home. Creating an eco-friendly bathroom starts with considering the toxicity of the products accustomed to equip it, as well as the way those things are manufactured.

Bamboo and Organic Cotton Towels

Prepared to replace your old, worn-out towels, and wondering steps to make your next purchase eco-friendly? Give towels produced from bamboo and/or organic cotton a go. Both are better for you and the environment simply because they aren’t made from plants sprayed with insecticides and pesticides and frequently use low-impact dyes. Bamboo towels possess the added benefit of drying quickly, and therefore are as scrumptiously soft as micro-fiber baby blankets.

Don’t get rid of your old towels! They are utilized as rags or run them with the wash and give them to a nearby animal shelter or veterinary clinic; they'd be very happy to receive your donation.

Recyclable Razors and Toothbrushes

Wish to stop sending your old toothbrushes and razors towards the local landfill? Simply change to Preserve razors and toothbrushes. They're a great alternative to their non-recyclable, disposable cousins. Preserve handles are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, and both the razor handles and toothbrushes are recyclable. (A side note: switch off the tap while brushing the teeth. You’ll save up to 5 gallons water a day!

Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products

Purchasing eco-friendly personal maintenance systems is a fabulous way to protect your well being and the health of the planet. A treasure-trove of safe, eco-friendly personal maintenance systems are now on the market. These products frequently use natural and organic ingredients, biodegrade quickly and completely, use eco-friendly packaging, don’t test on or use animal products, and therefore are often safer and gentler for all of us to use. In addition, environmentally friendly companies seriously consider their impact on the planet with the life cycle of their products including manufacturing, use, as well as disposal.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Products

Cleaning goods are the leading cause of toxic polluting of the environment in our homes and can also leave unhealthy residues on basement bathroom. Luckily, it’s simple to be clean and green. Simply say “bye-bye” for your conventional cleaning supplies and replace all of them with eco-friendly alternatives. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Aroma therapeutic Household Cleaners bring lovely scents to household cleaning tasks and Clorox has jumped into the eco-friendly cleaning market using their Green Works line. Clearing up safely and ecologically has become as easy as going to the store and selecting green products.

Recycled Toilet tissue and Tissue

It just doesn’t seem sensible to use virgin forests to wipe our noses and bums. Luckily numerous companies have figured this out then sell tissues and toilet paper produced from 100% recycled paper. When buying eco-friendly tissue and toilet tissue, look for the highest post-consumer content available as well as for products that have been whitened without chlorine.

If you’ve tried recycled toilet tissue in the past and found it too scratchy, repeat. It’s softer then it used to be and merely as soft as many conventional brands. Consider recycled toilet paper as a way to invest those traffic tickets, Dear John letters, and IRS notices to get affordable reuse.

Water-Saving Toilet Tips

There’s no nice method to say it - you’re toilet is really a water hog! Most conventional toilets use seven gallons water per flush, while low-flow models just use 1.6 gallons! You don’t have to invest in a new commode to lessen your ecological footprint. Simply convey a two-liter plastic soda bottle, full of water and weighted with pebbles, to your toilet tank. You’ll save countless gallons of water every year minimizing your water bill!

A far more extreme “draught-time” method of saving water would be to follow the old adage “if it’s yellow allow it to mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” Make sure to check with those you share the restroom before instituting this rule, or else you may leave some unwelcome surprises for the friends and loved ones.

Natural Fabric Shower Curtains

Shower curtains really are a fun, colorful way to personalize your bathroom. Whether you’re shower curtain has flowers, dinosaurs, or perhaps is simply an accent color, it sets the ornamental tone for the entire room. But does your shower curtain or shower curtain liner possess a distinctly plastic smell? Whether it does, then it’s time to say goodbye, because it’s produced from polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC is nasty items that likes to “off-gas” (travel out of its original product and into you). Both manufacture and disposal of PVC results in the formation of dioxins when the vinyl is burned. Dioxins really are a highly toxic group of chemicals recognized to cause cancer, and harm immune and reproductive functions. It’s better to steer clear of shower curtains produced from PVC.

Cotton, hemp, canvas and nylon are healthy, eco-friendly alternatives. Shower curtains produced from natural materials have the additional advantage that you can throw them within the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Smart Showering

There’s anything relaxing after a long day a hot shower. The shower is an excellent place to unwind, get neat and revive the spirit. It’s additionally a key place where you can have serious eco-friendly changes. Did you know that hot water heaters are huge energy hogs? Decrease your water heater’s temperature to 120° Fahrenheit and you’ll save both money and without affecting your shower experience.

You may also shower smarter by taking shorter showers and installing a water efficient shower head. Enter the habit of turning off water when you’re lathering your luscious locks, shaving your legs, and exfoliating. You’ll discover that these little changes assist you to lower you’re water use, whilst allowing the shower to stay a relaxing refuge.

Fresh Air not to mention Pleasing Scents

Proper ventilation is paramount to keeping mold and mildew away. So open the window and let Nature in! Fresh air will also help to keep your bathroom smelling sweet. Skip commercial air fresheners because they often contain flammable gas, pesticides, along with other toxic ingredients. Instead, try flowers, aromatherapy reed diffuses, or vegetable or soy-based candles to provide your eco friendly bathroom a pleasant, refreshing scent. Love the odor of eucalyptus? Tie a sprig of dried eucalyptus around your polished brass shower head and enjoy its invigorating scent any time you shower!

Bathroom Plants

Vegetation is a natural and ingenious method to “grow” fresh air in your bathroom. Besides washing the air, plants add a touch of beauty and produce nature indoors. Ferns, shade-loving plants that achieve moist environments, are a right diamond necklace for the bathroom. For info on other plants that do well indoors, take a look at Dr. B.C. Wolverton’s book How you can Grow Fresh Air. Plants are: an ideal decorating accent, a spiritual makeover, and make excellent eco-friendly additions to any bathroom.

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