Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom in Three Easy Steps

Water, water everywhere and never a drop to drink’ - approximately the line of the famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge goes. In today’s society, with resources in an all time low, this haunting refrain is a which has come to characterise many of our attitudes towards environmental preservation and it is something you've already noticed beginning to creep into my work.

Initially when all of this talk about carbon footprints and eco awareness came into being it focused on energy and non-renewable fuels and how the need for sustainable, alternative energy is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Since then it’s expanded to pay for other avenues of thought with water conservation topping their email list (well for me anyway). Obviously, turning your eco-friendly bathroom into an eco-friendly oasis isn’t something everybody knows how to do. After all, how do you cut down on water use within a room which focuses round the stuff?

Well, you’ll be very happy to know there are actually plenty of options available and you've put together these three simple steps to making your bathroom eco-friendly to help.

Improve your appliances

The first step to achieving an eco-friendly bathroom needs to be changing your appliances. If your shower continues to be sat on the wall for a few years then odds are it’s not a particularly efficient model. Have it evaluated and then start browsing the marketplace for suitable replacements. There are plenty of new eco-friendly choices on offer, even for mobility showers targeted at those with problems getting around, which means you needn't worry about being restricted for choice.

Replace washers and small fixtures

Dripping taps or pesky water leaks plumbing bathrooms design? You’d be surprised how many DIY botch jobs you've seen with this particular sort of problem and when you understand how easy it is to rectify you’ll kick yourself for good letting it get this way.

Small fixtures and components like washers can deteriorate with time and if not fitted correctly won’t acquire a watertight seal. Naturally this wastes water (and lumbers you using the pesky dripping tap) so give you yours replaced. New ceramic disk technologies can provide even better seals with more permanent results if you’re seeking to upgrade to something more reliable.

Change your use

Of course, investing in the best products and components is just half the battle when developing an eco-fr You are You are constantly reminding my customers about.

To get this done, you need to make sure you use less water whenever we can. Eco-friendly toilets are one step but swapping a regular bath for a shower is yet another useful tip as is the age-old recommendation of turning the tap off whenever you brush your teeth. Timing yourself within the bathroom and setting a target time is a superb way to stop indulgent showering which wastes water and keeping water temperature carefully controlled may also prevent waste.

With these three steps, you’ll soon find your water bill has dropped dramatically and maybe you’ll even be able to challenge Coleridge’s bleak outlook on water availability!

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