Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Modern Kitchen ideas – A real family kitchen

Sometimes referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food and, depending on the size, can be used to eat and entertain guests. In Ancient Greek homes, this room was a central open air patio but it was not until around 1800 that the stove, which enclosed fire completely, made cooking indoors possible.

What to keep in mind when doing kitchen interior design:
The kitchen interiors, of all those in the house, has to be a perfect combination of style and intelligence. Any kitchen interior design must be done keeping in mind that the cook has to function with optimum efficiency, the materials must combat grime and the space must still look immaculate.

Here are a few tips to good kitchen interior design:
Work Triangle:
The work triangle is an imaginary line that is drawn between the centre of the sink, the cook top and the fridge. The sum of all three sides should not exceed 24 feet and each arm of the triangle should be between 4 feet to 9 feet long. This serves as a general guideline in kitchen design to ensure that the cook does not have to walk too many steps to between these three most-frequented points. This helps to improve work efficiency in the kitchen.

Counter Top:
Despite the claims of several foreign brands, our indigenous granite and natural stone remain the best options for counter tops. These are hardy and will last you several years, and look great in all kinds of kitchen designs.

The backsplash is a row of tiles that runs perpendicular to the counter top and is used to protect the walls from food that may splash on to them. This is a part of all modern interior design. This is usually easy to clean and comes in several interesting options. Choose from a whole range of colours and styles such as mosaic, plain tiles with highlighters, stainless steel etc.

Kitchen Island:A relatively new feature in Indian kitchen interiors, a kitchen island can be introduced to increase work space, enhance aesthetics and also use as a dining table. Kitchen islands can be made to look chic with attractive kitchen stools and nice cooking hobs.

In a kitchen, ventilation is the most important thing. While you may use a chimney, it is still a good idea to have an exhaust as well as UPVC casement window or sliding windows. UPVC windows are long lasting and easy to maintain. You will need windows to bring in enough light and also as a safety measure in case of a kitchen accident.

Modular vs. Regular Kitchen: The one single advantage of a regular kitchen over a modular one is perhaps the price. Most modular kitchens from good companies are made with material that lasts a long time, designed to increase efficiency and can also be customized. Moreover, modular kitchens often come with warranties, so if you have a problem it will not be a hassle to have it fixed. You will also not have to waste precious hours over kitchen interior design. In the long run, you might find that a modular kitchen is better value-for Money.

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