Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How To attach Mirror with Home

Different way to use mirrors in home decor to accentuate artifacts, add dimension, give the illusion of space and play with light.

Gone are those days when a mirror was used merely for the dressing table; it has now become an essential piece of home decor. According to the space and proportion, mirrors can be aesthetically used to reflect your taste and create drama.

“Since mirrors are movable, they can be placed and moved around depending on your choice or need. They have the benefit of reflecting and accentuating the colours of artefacts and walls.”

1. Mirrors add dimension:
Use mirrors to give a sense of visual expansion in a particular room. The location and placement of mirrors in a given space creates a focal point by avoiding undesirable reflections. For example, mirrors in a dining room can be used to create luminosity and add dimension to the space.

2. Pieces of art:
Indian royalty used bold and gorgeous mirrors as a focal point of a room, so that they reflected the light from the outside and illuminated the room further. Mirrors themselves become artworks in this minimal set-up.  “You can create a dramatic effect by placing a full-length mirror on the floor and resting on a wall. Long passages and hallways are most suitable for this placement.” Or hang multiple mirrors together on the same wall.

3. For the outdoors:
Mirrors can amp up the aesthetics in a private garden or verandah. If you have a hanging garden, place mirrors adjacent to it with a source of light directly opposite so that the mirrors sparkle when the light falls on them.

4. In the bedroom:
Using mirrors in the bedroom is crucial. As each bedroom reflects the energy of the space, a large stand up mirror works best. “If you want one only for the dressing table, consider a full-scale mirror — from ceiling to floor — with a light framework that reflects your personality.”

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