Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas

Changing the decor inside your kitchen can be as easy as hanging things in your walls. A kitchen is a favorite room for family and friends to collect. You can warm up your kitchen by using creative kitchen wall decorating ideas. You are able to go nostalgic and surround the area with antique finds from local flea markets and yard sales.

Hang colorful plates in your kitchen wall decorating, which will come down to be rather inexpensive as compared to prints. Hang the colorful plates on fancy wrought iron hanger. In case your kitchen has a theme, you can get plates to go with the same. Themes like group plates, with birds or cats in it, can also impart a furnished turn to your kitchen walls.

Cookware Obsession

What cook doesn't love new pots and pans, or that little strange gadget that's supposed to make meal preparation easier? Following a bit of time the new cookware is thrust right into a cupboard in favor of the old standard pans and pots and that gadget really didn't make much of a difference. Instead of hiding all of the shiny cookware away, mount metallic pan rack near the top of the wall. Hang that just about brand new set of pots and pans around the rack. Paint a piece of peg board and hang up the unique, strange kitchen gadgets on display. This gives you more room within the cupboards and drawers and provides visitors something to talk about.

Country Style

A rustic kitchen usually means checkers and farm animals. Purchase towels and pot holders featuring geese, cows, chickens as well as the kitchen cat. Mount a large shelf on the wall and put a rustic collection of animal cookie jars in stock. Edge the shelf with lace or perhaps a black and white checkered ribbon. Screw in cup hooks at the base of the shelf and hang the coffee mugs up out of the cabinet. Below the coffee cups, hang the flamboyant, do-not-use pot holders, oven mitts and dish towels on your wall. Try to find pot holders and towels that match the cookie jars.

Sponge Design

Sometimes it just takes an interesting paint design on the wall to spice up the kitchen decor. Either buy or make stencil cut-outs within the shape of animals, flowers or simply about any design you wish. Next cut a kitchen sponge in half. Dip this in thinned acrylic paint. Contain the stencil up to the wall and dab the outlet with the sponge. Make a border close to the top of the wall, or go wild and print the look in random places across the wall. Once you are finished, discard the used sponge and wash track of soap and water.

Contemporary and colorful

Many homes have neutral kitchen decor: the cabinets, floor and countertops are shades of tan, taupe, beige or brown. If you want a little more color than that, enliven and personalize your kitchen space with the addition of splashes of color. If you're unsure about color, try small changes in the beginning. Lay down a brightly colored contemporary rug or hang some vibrant window curtains. Add colorful seat cushions or dining chair slipcovers for your stools and chairs. If you do not want to paint your kitchen walls, consider adding some kitchen wall decor just like a colorful tile backsplash or some bright wall art.

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