Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Basement Bar Design Ideas

Basement bar ideas come because the improvement of house interior design in a modern house design. Using a mini bar is also a good idea for home decoration. This is an old idea of home decoration, but it's now applied as the home design decoration supports inside a modern house design.

The basement bar ideas will also be come as the lifestyle in home interior decoration. This can be a prestige interior design within purpose to honor the guest inside a house. By creating a mini bar indoors, we dint need to go out to obtain the impression of drinking in a café or club. A mini bar can also be could be functioned as a dinning table. It's a practically dinning table in a minimalist design and elegance. Beside that a mini bar can also be the modern ideas of home interior decoration supports.

Theme & Styling

The most crucial aspect to decide on while planning for a basement bar is the theme and also the styling of the bar. With this, you need to pick ideas from all the potential sources. Go through the internet, browse through the life-style magazines, observe the settings within the bar which you often visit and so forth. It is advisable to stick to simplicity and magnificence principles, while designing a bar at the basement.

Tips For Designing A Basement Bar

Appraise the basement area and draw the ground plan onto ¼-inch graph paper. Mark the place of water, sewage, gas and electrical. Likewise incorporate doors, door swings, windows, closets, niches, posts, stairs, fireplaces, walkouts, columns, utility rooms, etc.

Mark the ground plan with good measurements that it is easier for you to select cabinets and fittings. Jot down all the issues or problems existing within the basement. These problems can be inadequate head room, moisture problems, cheap paneling, old doors and windows, poor light quality, odor, etc.

Putting a tracing paper on the layout, mark the way you want your bar to look like. Keep enough space for plumbing, gas and electrical fiitings. Squeeze bar in such a manner that there's ample of space for people to sit down at the counter comfortably.

Buy the major bar appliances such as the kegerator, bar fridge, wine cooler, ice storage, soda or frozen treats fountain dispensers, bar sink, storage for alcohol, glasses, stemware, dishes, pans and pots. Select them according to the space readily available for these items in the bar area. You may also get prefabricated cabinets from your local building supply warehouse.

Study your overall basement area carefully and mark the region that serves the primary function of the bar, i.e., seating. When you have support columns, use them to produce a U-shaped bar. Your home bar design ought to be one that gives space for visitors, provides good view of media or gaming as well as complements your entire home décor.

Finally, squeeze cabinets and fixtures template around the design layout. Place another tracing paper over design and mark the position of the furniture within the basement bar. This will help you begin to see the kind of space available and whether you can incorporate a billiard table or other game table. Also, check whether seating is enough and comfortable
Now, put your plan into action. Begin with installing the bar, together with a sink and a dishwasher, so you do not have go upstairs to wash the dirty glassware.

Hang the lighting over the bar and control having a dimmer switch. Install some lights underneath the bar to allow the items stored to become visible.

Get cabinets in varying heights to keep glassware, napkins, bar rags and condiments. Put the fridge as located in the layout.
Put the furniture around the bar and use a flat-panel television behind the bar. Repair a sound system with surround-sound speakers, a audio system and CD changer.

The basement bar is prepared for you to enjoy a cozy, playful evening, together with your friends and family.

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