Monday, 14 March 2016

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Trends in 2016

Small kitchens can be frustrating, but there are ways to optimize the space for convenience. Kitchens are one of the most important spaces in a home, and when it's small and hard to use it can negatively effect the way a person feels about their home. Utilizing extra space and storage can make a world of difference in a small kitchen.

Cabinets are a great way to change the dynamic of your kitchen. In many cases, cabinets are installed in ways that waste a great deal of space and storage area. Changing your cabinets is a great way to gain more space without tearing down any walls. This strategy can also be applied to appliances. There is a certain flow that should exist in a kitchen between the space, appliances and storage. If your oven is on one side of the kitchen and your countertop is on the other this can create an annoying waste of time. Consult with a contractor, and find out what you can do to improve your kitchen.

Craftsmen Home Improvements provide ideas on how to turn a narrow, rectangular shaped kitchen into a cooking space with convenient dining zones. By redesigning the location of cabinets, appliances and sinks with added "free space” at the "L" of the rectangle, a kitchen island can be added. This will give it a modern look that adds cabinet and counter space within the extended island. The best kitchen remodeling ideas are those that reduce wasted

Concealment of Appliances: Concealment of appliances is one of the newer kitchen remodeling trends that you can try. It has become quite popular over the years thanks to many advantages. Concealed appliances offer an artistic way of saving space. Not only do they improve functionality in your kitchen, but they help better organize and de-clutter your kitchen. Hidden appliances, when revealed, are also interesting and will create a lot of attention and wow your guests.

Color Trends For Appliances: Certain colors of appliances will maintain their title as the most favored choice for the finish of kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is one of them, and it has been a common choice for over a hundred years now. Its popularity comes from the fact that it has a universal appeal and a shiny appearance, which is often associated with luxury. It also provides a more sterile surface than the others.

Cabinets: Maple cabinetry seems like it is going to be among the most favorite options this year. Different shades of white or off-white hues make good finishes, or you can go for dark natural finishes. Finishes that are either light natural or color painted are trendy as well.

There is a variety of trendy styles of cabinets available for you to choose from. There are floating units, cabinets with touch-latch doors, systems that are hidden behind sliding doors, and cabinets with innovative surfaces, such as semi-translucent glass, bamboo, and aluminum.

Illumination: Light fixtures are also in the top five. You can use accent lighting to draw attention to kitchen decorations like glassware, dishware, and frames. If you simply want decorative light fixtures, you can go for sconce lighting. They spill the light upward or sideways and form attractive backdrops. If you want to brighten the kitchen island and improve its functionality, then go for bigger decorative fixtures.

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