Saturday, 20 February 2016

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Choosing a mix of creative and traditional baby shower decorations will make your shower memorable. Try these easy baby shower decorating ideas for walls, halls, archways and even the chair for the mom-to-be. We have cute and creative ideas as well as the best selection of solid-color paper decorations and baby-themed party supplies to make the baby shower of your dreams come to life.

Decorative Clotheslines

One cheap baby shower decoration idea is to suspend a rope or string across the room and then attach various baby-related items to it with clothespins. Some items you can use include bibs, pacifiers and baby clothing such as socks and pajama suits. In addition to these items, hang a row of diapers on the line (which you can write on the backs of with permanent marker) so that they spell out a message, such as “Congratulations!”

Children sweets

On the table with sweets and drinks there are certain essential items like cakes and pastries. In addition, it is increasingly common to see cupcakes with children’s details. At this point, the options are many sweets as they can be decorated according to the sex of the baby, the name that will have colors or general party decoration.


Balloons come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are another inexpensive decoration idea. According to, you can purchase specialized baby shower bouquets (medium-sized) for between three and ten dollars. Of course, you can also make your own balloon creations using colored balloons from convenience or party supply stores. Use light blue balloons for expected boys, pink for expected girls, and yellow for “yet to be determined.”

Scented candles

Use candles to add elegant and classy touch to the baby shower party decoration. Scented candles spread its aroma and enhance the mood. Don't use strong scented candles as the smell may choke the pregnant woman.

Coordinated Dinnerware

Purchase cups, napkins and plates at party supply stores that match your baby’s shower color theme. Also available are ones that are specifically designed for baby showers. Generally speaking, this coordinated dinnerware should cost you no more than $20, however the price will vary depending on how many cups, napkins, etc. you will need for your particular shower.

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