Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Modern Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas 2016

2016 Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to update your home and create a refreshing new space. The kitchen is an important component of every home. Whether you are an avid chef or prefer others cook the meals, this is a room that you will spend a lot of time in preparing meals and entertaining guests. Thus, it is important to not only makeover your kitchen to create an attractive space, but also one that is functional for you and your needs. If you are a DIY homeowner looking for kitchen renovation plans, then our site is perfect for you. There are many different design themes to choose from for this room ranging from sleek modern schemes to more colorful country styles.


To start out with, decide what kind of kitchen you want, modern or traditional, L-shaped or U-shaped, Galley or Two-way Galley. Once you have formed an idea of what you want, draw a blueprint and plan out the space you require and the storage area. Think where you want the cabinets and how you are going to use them. Decide where you want the sink, the work counter, and the refrigerator. Consider where you want to put the service points for water, gas, and electricity. Cast an eye over your present layout and think how things can be arranged differently. You can also use a kitchen designing software to help with your planning and drag and drop items until you get exactly what you want.


Install cabinets and drawers that go right up to the ceiling, so you can easily store away your cooking utensils, cutlery, plates, condiments, vegetables, and other things. Put the least used items in the upper cabinets and frequently used items in the lower ones. If everything doesn't fit in, you could add hooks to the cabinet doors to hang pots and pans from. You might also want to review all the things you own and get rid of stuff that you don't really need. Either way, try to keep the clutter to a minimum.

Get Creative with Lighting

Kitchens typically have fluorescent lighting, which makes things easy to see but casts a bluish light that impacts the color of the room. It’s also incredibly harsh and doesn’t feel natural in any way. If you have fluorescent lights in your kitchen and want to counteract their effects, hang some pendant lights to provide some softer lighting and give everything a more pleasant color. You can also install some incandescent lighting to create the illusion of space. When installed properly above countertops, these yellowish lights increase the shadowing of the space and give the appearance of a larger space.

Dining Area

Instead of a large dining table, go for a small corner table or a drop table. Or you can leave out tables from your scheme and put in a built-in wall counter, or build a table-height food preparation counter and double it as an eating area. Get smaller and compact appliances. Install a larger sink, so it is easier to wash.

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