Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Best Home Remedies For Cleaning Carpet Stains

Cleaning Carpet quickly absorbs all types of odor, whether it comes from pet accidents, food spills or even lingering household smells. These odors get absorbed into the fibers of your Cleaning carpet, which means they typically don’t go away on their own but that doesn’t mean they can’t be safely removed. To eliminate unpleasant odors from your Cleaning carpet, consider the following tips.

A wine stain on a light-colored Cleaning carpet such a horror! Acting fast and knowing what to do will be the key to saving expensive rugs and getting rid of even the most stubborn stains. You can try several home remedies for Cleaning carpet stains that will be incredibly efficient. The following list will give you a few ideas.                                                                                      
White vinegar

White vinegar is similar to baking soda in its deodorizing abilities, but it also adds a disinfecting element that kills any odor-causing bacteria. Pour about 2 cups of white vinegar into a spray bottle and lightly mist the entire room. Let the Cleaning carpet air dry, which should take a couple of hours. After the vinegar smell dissipates, the original odor should be gone as well. Repeat as needed if any odor remains.  

Plain Water

Plain water by itself is highly recommended as a tool for fighting both stains and the residue resulting from consumer carpet cleaning solutions. “Water is a natural solvent,” says Daniel. “You would be surprised at all the stains it will get out.” Additionally, a rinse with plain water after using a carpet cleaner will neutralize the alkaline residue and prevent resoiling. Just be sure to avoid overwetting the carpet, and dry the area thoroughly.

Baking Powder

Mix a bit of baking powder and a small amount of corn flour or corn starch. Corn starch is great for the extraction of greasy stains from the Cleaning carpet. The baking powder will remove any strange or unpleasant odors. Get started immediately after the carpet has been stained to see the best results. Sprinkle the dry cleaning powder on the stained area and keep it on for some time. The starch will absorb the greasiness from the carpet fibers. Vacuum clean the best powder and take a look at the spot. Repeat the cleaning procedure if the spot is still visible.

Mild detergent 

Mild detergent Gently rub some mild detergent into your Cleaning carpet and point a room fan directly at the affected area to help it dry quickly and thoroughly. Remember not to use too much water t’ll soak into the carpet pad and create unpleasant odors of its own.

Steam Cleaning

Steam is a very powerful cleaning possibility that will help you get rid of water-soluble stains and it will disinfect your Cleaning carpets.If you have a steam cleaner, you can use a commercial cleaning product or a vinegar solution to get rid of the most common types of stains. Both of the possibilities will deliver great results but the commercial cleaner will be a bit better when it comes to handling tough stains and accumulated residue in the carpet fibers.

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