Monday, 13 April 2015

Best Tips For Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture are found in every home, and if it comes with an expensive tag, it would equally demand us to devote some time for cleaning and maintaining it. Proper care and cleaning are important for preserving the wooden furniture pieces. Different types of wood, demand different types of care and attention.

If your wooden furniture has a finish such as wax or varnish, clean it every few months with lemon oil (which is actually scented mineral oil). Slightly moisten a rag such as a soft T-shirt or an old cloth diaper with water, then add a little oil. Rub the rag over the furniture to pick up dust. Buff the surface well so that you leave a minimum of residue.                                                                        


When polishing metal hardware, take it off the best furniture first. Take your time and make a note to remember what piece goes back where. Use a quality metal polish to get it shining again. Once it's buffed, put it back on, being careful not to scratch the wood surfaces. I recommend that you don't try to do this all at one time. It can be a lot of work, so take a few days, doing a few pieces at a time, instead of getting tired and frustrated with trying to do too much.

Erase Crayon Marks

Crayon marks from your wooden furniture, rub mayonnaise into the affected area. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then rub the area clean with a damp cloth.You can also use dry laundry starch (available at supermarkets) to remove crayon marks. Mix the starch with water according to the package instructions. Apply the mixture with a paintbrush and let it dry. Wipe the area clean with a dry cloth.

Freshen up Old Paint

If you like the paint on an old piece of furniture but it appears a bit worn (and you don’t want to repaint or refinish the piece), rub a little mineral oil into it. This will get rid of caked-on dust and brighten up the color. An alternative way to clean a painted piece is to wash it with mild dishwashing liquid.


After a good cleaning, the best way to protect the finish is to use a good-quality soft paste wax. Apply a thin coat as directed on the label. Wait five minutes and buff lightly with a soft (shoe) brush or cloth. Wait another 30 to 60 minutes and buff/brush again with a bit more vigor. You'll see a beautiful shine return to the finish that will last for many months.

Painted Wood

Painted wood furniture, the best care is probably the least since some polishes and waxes can damage the colour and home decoration.One of the tips to clean and maintain wooden furniture is to vacuum them regularly with a brush attachment. Wipe the wooden furniture table occasionally with a sponge to remove smudges and finger marks. If you feel you must wax, use a hard paste wax only once a year.

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