Monday, 9 February 2015

Staircase Wall Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Staircase lighting is one of the most frequently used search terms among our visitors.  Lighting a staircase is an opportunity to add drama or fun to a space and there are many ways to do it.

There are many people who believe in having a staircase at home. Experts say that a staircase in a home will provide you with rising wealth and good health if built in the east side of your home. Staircases which do not have lights are said to bring in bad luck and no prosperity, therefore, we give to you a range of staircase lighting ideas.

Here are some of the best staircase lighting ideas which can be helpful in your home decor.

Star shaped lights

Star lights can be installed on the wall near the staircase. This staircase lighting needs to be in a star shaped design which will only let out the light from four small spaces. This Staircase lighting idea will ignite your home and make it look heavenly at night.

Knob lights

This type of staircases lighting idea resembles that of a door knob. The knob lights are placed at regular intervals of the railings. This lighting will provide brightness and make the home look spacious too.

Flower Wood shape lights

If your staircases is made out of wood, you can decorate the staircase with this lighting idea. Box shape flower wood lights are placed 5 feet on the wall of the staircase. These flower wood lights will add to the beauty of your home in a floral manner.

Rectangle shape lights

You can place rectangle shaped lights built into the wall which will be adjacent to the staircase. Rectangle shaped staircase lighting is the best since it goes well with the shape of the stairs.

Button lights

If you want your home to look beautiful, this is a perfect staircase lighting idea for a subtle and chic sleek design of the stairway. The button lights are placed in the middle of the steps. This is the perfect lighting if your stairs are made out of fiber glass.

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