Saturday, 28 February 2015

Romantic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A Romantic bath with your partner is the most intimate and passionate time spent together. This is always pleasant either in a warm summer evening or a cold winter night.

If you want to prepare your bathroom for a special evening has fallen into the right place. No matter their characteristics. We’ll give you some romantic ideas to decorate a bathroom . Sure you can add some simple details that will make it a luxury place and create an enchanting ambiance. Romance is the essential ingredient in every relationship, and unfortunately, it’s the one we tend to neglect most. Couples settle into comfortable routines and assume that their partners simply “know” they are loved. But it’s important to say it and show it. Make your significant other feel appreciated and pampered, while soothing sore muscles, lowering stress levels, and sharing quality time together.

Elegant blue grey themed romantic bathroom design

Seen here is a perfect example of an elegantly decorated bathroom where the designer has used blue and grey colors for painting the textured wall and flooring. The background of blue against the white accessories, like the WC, bathtub and the sink make the bath area look stylish, especially the platform where candles have been arranged that exude a truly romantic aura.

Red theme

If you are a true romantic at heart, there isn’t any other color as exotic and passionate as the color red that can be utilized in your bathing area to lend it a gorgeous look. The red painted walls as seen below add passion together with red see through shower curtain. The wooden flooring adds a hint of elegance.

Lavender Passion

Lavender is considered to be an aphrodisiac, a substance that increases passionate feelings. To create a romantic and calm bath atmosphere us lavender essence in the water. You can also use a lot of candles or dim yellow lights in the bathroom. To go with the lavender theme, use orchid sticks in vases and place them on the bathroom mirror or closet area. Avoid using too much of lavender, it may be very strong.

Big mirror and mood lighting

The romantic bathroom style adopted in the bathroom seen below looks pretty interesting as it has a perfect mix of beauty and elegance brought inside by mood lighting created by the decorative candles of all shapes, placed at different nooks and corners, and the big mirror installed for enjoying a perfect view of one another while soaking in the rose petal infused bath tub.

Textured wallpaper

Wallpapers can enhance the beauty of any decor as seen from the image of a bathroom shown below where a major portion of the wall facing us has been decorated with a floral patterned deep purple wallpaper. The deep color suits the elegant white ceiling, curtain and a part of the wall that is painted in floral designs. The exotic chandelier dangling from the ornate ceiling adds to the romantic charm.

Backyard Bath

If you have a well secured and covered backyard to your house you can enjoy a relax and calm bath with your partner in the open. Arrange for a bath tub in the backyard and place it somewhere in the open sky. Evenings or night time are ideal for such romantic ideas. Clean the area near the bath tub and decorate it with candles and flowers. You can also place a small table alongside the bath tub with a champagne bottle and two glasses.

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