Tuesday, 24 February 2015

5 Amazing Ways to Color Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, so you want them to be stylish as well as functional. Whether you are choosing brand new cabinets or are refinishing older ones for a fresh look, you'll want to choose a color that will mix and match well with your existing style. Here are some classic kitchen cabinet colors that are sure to warm up any kitchen.

Washed Blue

Washed blue kitchen cabinets turn any kitchen into a cozy retreat that exudes a soft, country charm. You can choose from soft faded blues to brighter blues, depending upon the amount of color you want. Washed blue cabinets blend well with honey pine wood accents, white, cream and buttery yellow. The best part is you can transform your old, worn cabinets easily with a blue washed stain and bring new life to a tired kitchen.

Brushed Sage

If you are looking for a calm, peaceful setting in your busy kitchen, brushed sage cabinets are a good choice. They bring the tranquil feel of the outdoors inside, especially when paired with soft beige or sandstone tile and white-washed pine floors. Most wood tones blend well with brushed sage so try a maple or oak island or kitchen table for added warmth. You can even mix and match some darker greens with your sage cabinets through accent pieces like vases, dish towels or canisters to add a pop of color.

Bold Hues

Another popular cabinet color is bold hues, that is including tangerine orange, yellow, cobalt blue, as well as candy-apple red. Especially for modern house or apartment with modern minimalist kitchen theme, these bold hues would be the best option. The idea of these colors would be to bring more cheerful ambiance towards the kitchen, and this is a suitable cabinet color if you have got kids at home. Another popular cabinet color is muted tone, that is mostly suitable for traditional kitchen cabinets colors.


Green is really a versatile color for kitchen cabinets. Dark green paint gives cabinets an old-fashioned look, while lime green cabinets may reflect a homeowner’s quirky decorating personality. Think about using two shades of green on your kitchen cabinets; paint the doors a rather lighter hue than the cabinet boxes, for instance. Green accents natural wood colors since green and brown often appear together in nature, so consider leaving a wood island unpainted to own room a rustic accent.

Antique White

Anitque white is really a classic color that doesn’t go out of style and will blend well inside a casual or traditional setting. It may warm up a kitchen yet also brighten everything at once. Antique white also blends effortlessly with all wood tones so don’t be afraid to add a wood floor or countertop around the island. You can mix and match with other antique colors like sage, washed blue, buttery yellow and charcoal black. Try antique white for cabinets along with a charcoal black or washed sage island. Unlike plain white cabinets, antique white is less inclined to show every smudge and then any wear will only enhance the look of the cabinets.

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