Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to Install laminate countertops in your kitchen

Installing a countertop is usually simple and straightforward (if this countertop just runs straight) or very time consuming and frustrating particularly if the countertop needs to fit between two walls or go around a corner. For a DIY'er laminate countertops are what you are going to be working with since solid surface countertops ought to be installed by professionals (to preserve their warranty) and stone tops like granite demand special tools.

How to put in Laminate Countertops

Preparing the outer lining

You need not remove the existing laminate sheets to install the new ones. Removing old sheets is often a time-consuming task and it may well also damage the underlayment. Hence, keep the old laminate since it is, if it will be intact. In case it is loose or damaged, you can fix some hardwood plywood around it, in order to arrange an even surface. Clear the outer lining stains, paint, varnishes etc.., and make it clear. Rub it with sandpaper to create it rough, since adhesive works more effectively for rough surfaces.


If you’re cutting the very best yourself, be sure to turn it face down. This will help avoid scratching as well as gouging the finished surface. Laminates can be long wearing when used adequately, but they can be damaged with your saw, sander, or drill throughout the installation process. Also, be sure that you use a fine blade on the saw and try a clamp-on guide to maintain your cuts straight. Instead of having a circular saw to trim the scribe marks you have drawn to make the countertop align while using walls, use a belt sander instead. A coarse grit sanding belt – 36-grit have to do it – will help you trim the edge just. Take your time and use light even demand to sand the edge towards the scribe line.


For the best results, have a professional prep any splices you need to make for corners or to extend the length of your counter. They’ll make very precise cuts and rout the clamp grooves in your case. With that out on the way, you’ll be ready to glue and clamp the sections of countertop in place.

Pre-Installation Activities

Switch off all your kitchen appliances around the work area. Detach anything that is mounted on the countertop. Close the lake supply and the valves under. Remove the drain plumbing and separate the sink through the countertop..

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