Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Paint Colors for Bathroom Cabinets

If you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom, the color scheme you select is very important to the final design. It is necessary to pick the right colors that truly represent your own taste and the theme for the room without overwhelming the small area. Pay attention to these basic design rules when selecting your colors for the bathroom to ensure that the end result is professional and polished.

The right paint color for your bathroom cabinets can make a lot of difference. It can let your cabinets blend with the overall color scheme of your bathroom or it can make them pop out. Here are some tips for you:

The Position of the Cabinets: Are the cabinets below the counter, or are they mounted on walls? If they are below and you have a small space, you don't want it to get too cramped by painting them in a dark color. Similarly, wall-mounted ones should not get too overbearing in a small space with dark colors.

The Size of the Bathroom: As mentioned earlier, lighter shades are perfect if you have a small space. It just gives a more spacious feel. On the other hand, if you have a large area, feel free to try any shade that would appeal to you. Furthermore, remember that chunks of color can be overpowering sometimes. So, determine the size of the cabinet before you paint them all in one dark color.

The Color: What is the predominant color in your washroom? Do you have a wallpaper that has been used in there, or just some plain tiles? If the wallpaper has some intricate patterns that you would like to highlight, choose a color that is lighter and will accentuate the wallpaper. The idea is to have the cabinet colors in tones that do not overshadow the wallpaper. Similar is the case with the tiles. Further, if these cabinets are below the counter, you will also have to take into consideration the color of the counter top. Ideally, the wall against which they are placed should be of a darker color, and the cabinets themselves should be of a lighter tone, preferably of the same color.

Ideas for Colors


For a versatile design, paint bathroom cupboards in a semigloss bright white. The semigloss helps to repel dirt and reflect light throughout the space. White cabinets provide flexibility for the homeowner, who can pair them with nearly any wall colour. For a simple and rustic design, paint walls white to emphasise natural stone flooring or countertops. For a bright and eclectic look, pair white cupboards with a fresh mint green or sunny yellow.


Keep your bathroom cupboards looking fresh and clean with a coat of light sky-blue paint. Blue makes an attractive and traditional choice for bathrooms. To complement light blue cabinets, continue the blue in a slightly lighter hue for the walls. Your bathroom will look soft and elegant as if washed in watercolour. For sinks, vanities, toilets and tubs, opt for a crisp white to maintain the airy aesthetic. Coordinating linens in white and a fresh floral bouquet in the same hue adds texture to the space, breaking up the expanse of colour. Choose a flooring with some contrast to ground the room. A checked black and white floor works well.

Dark Hues

Help camouflage wear and tear on bathroom cupboards by painting them a deep rich brown or semigloss black. Dark colours can help ground a large space, such as a master bathroom suite. For a modern finish, adorn cupboards with streamlined door pulls in stainless steel or platinum. Create drama by combining dark cupboards with similarly hued hardwood flooring. To keep the space feeling fresh, use a light colour for the walls and keep accessories to a minimum.

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