Friday, 26 December 2014

Basic Tips for Growing Grass

Grass plays a major role in beautifying the garden’s landscaping. In fact, a landscape looks complete only if supplemented with grass lawns and grass fillers. They’re also ideal for creating a color pattern inside a flower bed. As per the flower garden layout, grasses are planted either around the borders of the beds or as background. You can create an eye-catching view with a touch of grass and greenery along the sides of the vibrant-colored flower beds.

How Grass Grows

Everyone wants a lush, full lawn, but finding the proper species of turfgrass for your area is essential. It helps to start with the basics of how grass grows. Learn more about each facet of grass growth in the following sections:

Proper Grass Nutrition

Applying regular lawn fertilizer applications is an essential maintenance practice for achieving a healthy lawn. Regular application of turf fertilizer provides essential lawn nutrients that might not be present in your soil, helping to improve your lawn’s appearance and health.

Properly water your lawn

Timing is everything when watering your lawn. You have to make sure that you water for the right period of time at the right time of day. The best time to water is between 3-4am. This is when the water pressure is highest, also it allows for the water to sink into the ground with evaporating from the sun. Additionally, it allows for the excess water which has not sunk into the ground to burn off in the morning, which prevents fungus from growing.

If you wish to grow green grass fast, you must figure out how long you need to water. Not watering enough is nearly the equivalent of not watering at all. If the water is not reaching the roots then it’s not getting to the lawn. Most grass’s root base is about 2-3 inches deep. Set your sprinklers to operate for a specific amount of time after which measure how deep the floor is wet. You will want to wait a minimum of 4 hours to allow the water to seep all the way in to the ground. Then you can use a shovel to pull back a section of dirt to find out if the water is reaching the roots. Depending on how deep the water is, you are able to adjust your watering time accordingly.

The Importance of Soil

In lawn care, it's easy to think about what’s going on above the surface. After all, the appearance of a lush, full lawn above the surface is why we work for hours in the yard. Plus, most lawn care activities have a visual impact on the parts of the turfgrass plant that are above ground.

Grass Variety

For growing grass successfully, make sure you select the correct variety that’ll be able to adapt to the soil and environment conditions of the area. If the location is shady that receives only 2-6 hours sunlight each day, you can opt for the American shade variety. Native grass varieties grow very best in any area. Consult with your local horticulturist for selecting the correct grass type for your lawn or garden.

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