Sunday, 23 November 2014

Small Bedrooms Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

A bedroom is the place we spent long hours every day and night -and it should be decorated in the most relaxing way possible but how you can do that in a small fitting room? well its not easy! it needs some good ideas to put everything in right place without making the room look messy.

Below are some bedroom decoration ideas for small spaces:

Sometimes the space is so small that the only thing that fits is a bed, and if that’s your case try to decorate the walls and put you clothes and suitcase under the bed to save space and make the room look in order.

The simple bedroom color scheme makes this small space feel larger than it is. Sheer curtains create an open and airy feeling by allowing natural sunlight to enter while still retaining privacy.

An abundance of artwork along with stylish curtains and bedding can transform a tiny, cramped space into a luxurious small bedroom design that oozes style and class. The crystal sphere table lamps add the finishing touch.

"If you surround yourself with things you love, your home will make you happy." We couldn't have put it better ourselves!

This tiny bedroom makes a bold statement with fuchsia paint and a playful wall decal. The deep red velvet curtains feel absolutely decadent.

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