Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cute Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Kids

Many people always search for kids bathroom ideas for their house. Bathroom is one of the important rooms that every house should has, because we can do many things in here, from taking a bath, showering, brush our teeth, or maybe only enjoy our time in the bathtub. However, there are things that you need to know before you make any kids bathroom in your house.

Vibrant And Cheerful Bathroom Design

The area of this bath is huge and has been divided into sections, each designated for doing a specific activity. One section for answering nature’s call is painted in yellow, while the other sections are painted in bright maroon. There is a tall figure of a giraffe installed on one side while there are a few soft toys and a cute mat anchored on the floor.

Awesome Undersea Life Bathroom Design

Kids love water and marine life so much so that they would love to see them every day when they take bath in their bath areas. The walls are colored with marine blue and the shower curtain is imprinted with underwater sea life that looks quite colorful.

Colorful Mickey Bathroom Design

Kids love cartoon characters to be present everywhere. Well, take a cue from this awesome bathroom that has been designed with Mickey Mouse emblem everywhere. The walls have been decorated with black, red and white tiles that have multiple heads of mickey imprinted. This room looks very inviting for the kids and is cheerful to look.

Awesome Blue and White Bathroom Design

The whole theme of this bathroom is centered around white and blue which makes it cool and refreshing in appearance. While, blue is used on the door, sink and rugs, the maximum area is seen painted in pure white that creates an illusion of a bigger space. The round rugs in blue and yellow look bright and enhance the charm of this bath area.

Beautiful Small Bathroom Design

When you have a small area designated for your kid’s bath area, it must be designed accordingly so that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic to your child when taking bath. Seen here is a small bathroom that has been designed using nautical blue paint that brings freshness to the area. Also, the other accessories placed would cheer your kid up as these look cute and bright.

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