Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Best Homemade Christmas Ornament Crafts

Kids love to make crafts that'll be used around the house, and a fantastic way to involve them with holiday decorating would be to make homemade Christmas tree ornament crafts.

Here’s a collection of our favourite Christmas tree ornament crafts, including knitting and sewing projects and crafts for kids. Any one of them will find a treasured spot among your Christmas tree ornaments or be a cherished part of a friend or family member’s homemade ornament collection. Here are our favourite Christmas ornament crafts for decorating your tree in fashion.

Plastic Scoop Ornaments

Save the plastic scoops from laundry containers, or koolaid drink mixes. Create a scene inside the scoop using craft supplies. Spray paint the outside, and drill a hole with the center of the handle, and insert a ribbon to hang it on your tree.

Christmas Card Ornaments

Cut circles out of old christmas cards towards the size of plastic container lids. Glue the cutouts towards the lids. Decorate with glue and sparkles, then cut an opening and hang with a colorful ribbon.

Cut circles of christmas card scenes exactly the same size by using a plastic lid. Loop a piece of yarn or ribbon and glue to one of the circles. Glue another circle on the back. When it's hanging on the tree, you will see a design on both sides.

Egg Carton Christmas Bells

Make Christmas bells by cutting an egg carton up. Cover each bell shape with aluminum foil. Use yarn threaded on the large needle, insert with the bottom of the bell, then insert it back thru the very best and cut and tie them back. The knot will be inside now.

Festive German Paper Star

If you’re looking for the best out-of-the-box handmade ornament, you will want to try creating a Festive German Paper Star. This paper ornament’s unique design will definitely stand out on your tree, particularly if you’re a fan of colorful paper. A house made ornament with this style might have everyone’s attention.

Christmas Tree Streamers

Make colorful beads from cut macaroni (like ziti) and dunking them into assorted food colors. Drain and dry completely. Pour the beads into individual cups, and allow the children string them on yarn. Place the strings on the tree.

Paper Snowflakes

During my childhood years I must make a ton of paper snowflakes. You know, the type that you fold the paper into eighths and cut triangles or designs with scissors. If you do practice, you can make some pretty fancy designs.

Rustic Paper Flower Ornament

Using old book pages, you possibly can make this beautiful, Rustic Paper Flower Ornament for that Christmas tree this year. Grab some old books you’ve available or pick up several from the thrift shop, and obtain crafting. This DIY Christmas ornament needs a unique spin the round the classic ball shape. It’s not just full of texture, which look outstanding in your tree, but it has a vintage feel into it, too. Elegant and simple, you just can’t go wrong.

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