Monday, 15 September 2014

Amazing Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants make beautiful any indoor space. They add color and texture towards the room. Attractive indoor plants create impact and provide life to any room. Healthy, enthusiastic, well-motivated and empowered people work a lot more efficiently. We can improve wellbeing in the workplace is by providing interior plants. It can help to reduce stress, improve speed and accuracy at tasks which help foster a sense of identity and loyalty. A healthy, growing indoor house/office plant will provide with much enjoyment.

There are several plants that have ability to clean and purify the air, while some produce other capabilities. Some of the benefits of the indoor plants vary from removing the harmful pollutants in the air to preventing mould in bathrooms and improving the quality of life.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

With a proven effect on reducing levels of stress, indoor plants are known to possess a beneficial impact on the cardio-vascular health. Individuals who adorn their houses with indoor plants tend to report fewer instances of heart and blood pressure problems. Hypertensive patients, among other relaxation techniques, will also be recommended to keep house plants.

Improve Your Mental Abilities

Potted plants, flowers and indoor vines are recognized to improve ideation skills, moods, concentration levels and mental reflexes. This may be related to the relaxing and positive influence that plants appear to have on the human mind as well as the benefits of inhaling cleaner, fresher air.

Inhale more oxygen

While we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants, due to the natural process of Photosynthesis, take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Thus by continuing to keep some indoor plants, you are able to ensure an environment that is full of oxygen content and good for your respiratory system.

In the night, though, plants, just like humans, absorb oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide. However, there are special varieties like Orchids, Succulents and Epiphytic Bromeliads that do just the reverse, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen even during the night. These plants should thus be placed in bedrooms to restore nighttime bedroom quality of air.

Breathe in Cleaner Air

The indoor air stays pretty much as it is - with all the contaminants trapped inside. So we keep breathing in the same air day in and day trip along with the potentially harmful substances which are part of our enclosed environment.

Research shows that volatile organic compounds or VOCs can be found in different parts of our house / office by means of substances like formaldehyde (present in vinyl, rugs, cigarette smoke grocery bags) and benzene and trichloroethylene (present in artificially made fibers, paint, inks along with other solvents). Benzene is also to be found in libraries or study rooms where you can find plenty of books and printed material. VOCs are specifically present in tightly climate-controlled, air conditioned buildings.

Stay Positive and Stress-free

House plants are recognized to add to mental peace and happiness. The refreshed indoor environment and also the pleasant sight of plants bring about a feeling of well-being, adding to a sense of calmness, positivity and relaxation. This really is, perhaps, also the reason why lots of hospitals now-a-days want to house their more severe patients in garden-facing rooms.

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