Thursday, 24 April 2014

Feng Shui Garden and Landscaping Tips

Using feng shui for your garden landscape design creates a peaceful and serene place because the chi will flow freely. Feng shui works together with the beauty of nature and enhances all of the Earth's elements such as wood, water, metal, fire and earth. The aim of a feng shui garden is to achieve balance during these elements with your overall landscape design.

Creating a Serene Feng Shui Garden

Design your garden using the ancient art of feng shui for any tranquil place in nature that's inviting, relaxing and energizing. The utilization of the feng shui elements, the arrangement of color and also the placement of each object or plant comes with an important role in the balance and harmony you need to create. Curvy areas and pathways, raised flowerbeds as well as other levels of rock all help the chi energy to flow using your garden. With chi flowing freely, your garden come in tune with nature and provide the beneficial effects of positive chi energy.

Feng Shui for Front Yard Landscaping

Importance of Color

Color features prominently in feng shui. Everything from choice of flower blooms, yard accents as well as your front door color are selected purposefully. Red may be the choice for prosperity and abundance in everyday life while green represents money and things present in nature. Painting your door a red colorization is generally viewed as auspicious; however, the perfect color for a front door depends upon whether the door faces north, south, east or west.

Elements of Water

Water is a of the principle five elements of feng shui. Wind carries chi to water. The presence of water close to the front of your home is believed to harness and energize stagnant chi, bring wealth and prosperity, and enable good luck and opportunity. Select a fountain with even distribution of water flow. When the fountain has flow somewhere, such as a waterfall fountain, be aware to place the flow of water facing the home. Water flowing away from the home symbolically washes fortune from your home, while water flowing toward the leading door will bring luck and financial prosperity. The perfect placement of the fountain is dependent upon the space's individual layout and obstacles.

Walkways and Paths

Directing and harnessing chi is scarcely more vital than where paths and walkways resulting in the front door are concerned. This is when energy is welcomed into the home -- be it good or bad. Because chi flows along a meandering, curving path, straight walkways leading directly as much as the front door are discouraged. To mitigate the flow of negative energy to your home, create a winding path to the leading door and place colorful plants or shrubs across the edge. Nothing should block you, so keep the pathways clear and clutter-free. Should you already have a straight path, there are some things you can do to soften the effects of straight lines. Bright, colorful shrubs and flowers, water fountains and stone statuary might help redirect or harness chi.
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