Saturday, 24 August 2013

Plan and design your perfect fully bespoke kitchen

The opportunity to buy a new fully bespoke kitchen doesn't appear all too often, so it can be difficult to know where to start when changing the appearance and layout of your kitchen.

Purchasing a bespoke kitchen can be both exciting and daunting - there are plenty of things to take in. By getting your kitchen perfect at the planning stage, we are able to help you avoid many of the nightmares related to new kitchens.

Your new kitchen needs to suit you, your home, your family as well as your needs. We will help you plan and design your ideal kitchen, make use of awkward or small spaces and provide advice to make decisions around the myriad of options that are available for you.

As a highly experienced kitchen design and fitting company we all know just how vital it is to consider time on the initial design. We guide you through a process of elimination to rule out main items or finishing touches that won't work, helping you realise precisely what you need and where to put appliances, islands and accessories.

We assist you to weigh up the benefits of a fully bespoke kitchen when compared with standard fitted kitchens, along with the generous amount of time we'll spend with you getting the little details right, you're in confident hands.

We'll take creative design, innovative and superior materials and draft final plans for your dream kitchen. We'll make use of the 'magic triangle' (placing your appliances around your kitchen for convenience and ease of use) and we'll consider things that, in your current kitchen, are simply in the perfect place for you. We will never neglect to ask about how you intend to use your space - family time, formal dining etc.

The fully bespoke kitchens that people supply and fit are better known for their sturdiness and their ability to deal with daily use. Get it right around and you will enjoy spending time inside your kitchen, and showing it off, for many years.

Hard wearing Corian splash backs, traditional hand-made solid wooden doors or contemporary moulded work tops are achievable.

Allowing your kitchen to create a lasting impression to you and visitors, in addition to being a stylish yet functional work area.

We are selective about who we hire and also have a confident and highly experienced team of perfectionists who'll professionally and accurately match your hand made kitchen to an exceptional standard.

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