Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ideas for a Spanish Home Interior Design

The color palette used in Spanish interior design is derived from nature. Earth tones for example deep reds and oranges (terra cotta) dominate and therefore are used in flooring as well as textiles. Stucco walls think of the walls of an old hacienda and lend themselves to making a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Let's start with the basics--your walls. Walls would be the backdrop; they mold and join all the elements of a room. You might say that they're the frame that holds the interior of the rooms together to create the image you want to see. So, to produce that Spanish décor make your walls them textured and rustic to enable them to be the backdrop for the vibrant earthy colors that Spanish décor is known for. To obtain the stucco look to your walls use a textured paint in a pale cream or pale yellow hue or faux finish the walls to mimic stucco.

Appropriate Spanish style floor choices hardwood, stone, ceramic tile or terra cotta tile. Rugs in vibrant colors sucked from nature will complete the appearance and add a touch of heat to the flooring. Note: Gemstone and tile floors require extra care and need to be shielded from scratching and stains.


Your furniture should lend itself towards the relaxed, warm and yet vibrant Spanish hacienda interior that you would like to make. Dark wood belongs to the Mediterranean style as well as touches of wrought iron. Distressed tables and carved wood also evoke a Spanish mood. Consider shades of blue and a benefit to the upholstery. Leather is another popular choice for an accent piece like a chair or love seat. Put throws of earthen colors within the backs of your couch or chairs.


Accessories would be the fun part of creating that Spanish villa look. Wrought iron chandeliers and wrought iron candle sconces will prove to add to the warm ambiance of your house. Religious statues and paintings will also be characteristic of Spanish design, much like tapestry runners and wall hangings. You may also add pieces of terra cotta pottery.

Touches of greenery throughout brings the outside into your home. Use silk trees or plants to produce a small focal point in a corner. Faux fruits and vegetables in brightly painted bowls bring a little nature to your house.

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