Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining Areas

During the warmer summer months, you're certain to invite friends over to have an outdoor party, celebration or some different of event. After spending hours caring for your landscaping and getting everything in the best place, you want your guests to appreciate your effort. The last thing you need is for your friends and relatives to have trouble finding a seat, to feel uncomfortable in order to stand around in silence. Unfortunately, if you do not spend some time coming up with ideas for decorating outdoor space, you might encounter those problems.

Minimal Color
Decorate your back yard with only minimal color, letting your flowers and landscaping shine. Use seating in neutral shades for example tan, beige and even black; or go for white, but only if you don't have to be worried about kids. Add a few bright pops or splashes of colors around the seating area by adding colorful table settings or even throw pillows. Give a few other colorful decorations towards the space, such as a vase of flowers in the center of your table. Using neutral colors with simply a few other colors makes the space look bigger and causes it to be look as though you spent more income than you did.

Down-home Decorating
Create a wood- or gas-burning outdoor fireplace the middle of your outdoor entertaining area. Arrange chairs round the space, using wicker baskets or small tables among each chair, which gives your friends and relatives a place to put their drinks and offers extra storage. When you throw a celebration, fill the baskets with marshmallows, graham crackers and sweets, and put sticks next to the baskets so that your guests can make their own desserts within the fireplace. It shows your friends and relatives where they'll be sitting for many of the night and also provides you with a quiet spot to relax following the party.

Tiki Party
Use a tiki-style bar because the center of your outdoor entertaining area. Tiki bars have bamboo decorations around the bar itself, and space behind the bar for storing dishes, bottles along with other entertaining accessories, while the front has space for further seating. Arrange tiki torches to not only ward off bugs and provide extra lighting, but additionally to differentiate between the different spaces. Use torches to produce a path through the backyard, leading guests in the back door to the entertaining area. Drape grass skirts and flowered leis round the backyard, just to add more color for your area.

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