Monday, 17 June 2013

Garden Party Decoration Ideas

Simple decorating techniques increase the charm of a garden, allowing the perfect party setting. Sunny gardens may need a way to protect guests from sunlight during a late morning and early afternoon party. Moving the indoors out in to the garden is a fast decorating idea to have an impromptu garden party. Designing for garden party adds some mystery towards the event.

Set Theme With Umbrella's
Not simply will a large table umbrella protect guests from harsh sunlight, the umbrella can announce the theme from the garden party. For example, a bright floral umbrella showcasing sunflowers is really a visual invitation to celebrate the heat and abundance of an early summer harvest. This theme utilizes a color palette of sunny yellow, bright blue, warm orange and grass green.

Placing fresh cut sunflowers in glass milk bottles or mini-buckets available at craft supply stores draws the attention from the umbrella to the table. Tablecloth and napkins add visual punch mixed or matched in patterns just like a stripe, check or solid. Once the perfect umbrella can't be located, substitute bed sheets in an appropriate design (use flat sheets for the best results), stretched horizontally, six feet or even more above the table and associated with fencing or trees.

Use Indoor Accessories
Orchestrated a shabby chic country theme by bringing indoor accessories out in to the garden. Hanging a chandelier like a prop over the main party table adds a little elegance. Chandeliers with glass or crystal elements glisten and flicker in sunlight. When the table is under a tree, tie the chandelier to some sturdy limb; other locations may need a wire or swag strung from tree to tree for simple hanging.

Touches of silver add elegance towards the garden party planning. Try a silver ice bucket, tea set and water pitcher. Make use of a silver candelabra or two whenever a chandelier is not appropriate or perhaps is difficult to locate. A mismatched group of china, crystal glassware, beautiful fresh flowers and layered vintage table linens add further towards the shabby charm.

Create An Entrance
Keep guests away from home and place them immediately in to the garden party theme by directing these to the party entrance beside the house, adding to the fun and mystery from the party. For example, the garden party theme of "early evening" (think dragonfly, firefly, fairies and magical creatures) can often mean a decorative dragonfly garden stake placed every 5 feet from street to garden entry because the first visual clue towards the party entrance; blocking the normal path used to enter the home is the goal. Add another directional clue by tying a strand of glittery ribbon from stake to stake.

Welcome guests in the final party entrance using a piece of garden statuary (fairies, gnomes) to carry a hand-painted welcome sign. Gates decorated having a wreath of flowers are a wonderful final  entry in to the party area, as are arbors or large decorative pots filled with flowers and arranged together like a fence with a single access point.

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