Thursday, 9 May 2013

Old Fashioned Candle holders Crafts

Whether you have a home which was built a century or two ago and have a room that you want to decorate inside a vintage style, old-fashioned candle holders can play an important role in establishing a warm, intimate ambiance. Because lighting dads and moms before mass electricity was primarily achieved with candles and gas lights, the softer glow which comes from a candle will take you as well as your guests back in time, turning your areas into sanctuaries of a slower time.


Wallpaper can nonetheless be found in modern homes, however it was a major decor staple in early twentieth century. Take short round candle holders, with little if any additional adornment, and eliminate shapes such as flowers, birds, butterflies or paisley. Glue these to the outside of your candle holder and illuminate them from inside each time you light the candle.

Restoring Antique Holders

You'll find antique wall candle holders at estate sales and trade days at prices well below retail. The trade-off could be that the holder is in sub-standard shape. By using an appropriate cleaner for that metal used in the holder, you are able to remove grit and grime, after which polish the candle holder so that it has got the sheen of its original condition. Mounting the restored candle holder on your wall of a formal living or dining space will prove to add luster to your decor.

Mounting Colored Glass Holders on Found Pieces
Many antique candle holders have colored glass flutes, accustomed to hold candles, mounted on metal pieces. Should you come across an antique brass frog, or perhaps a vintage brooch with a flat surface, you are able to rest a small glass color votive atop it and set your candle inside. You will get the vintage look using the combination of touches from that point period.

Hurricane Glass Candle holders

For those who have hurricane glass jars, you can include an antique touch by painting metal frame scroll work round the top and bottom. Inside, you can set decorative orbs or candles. Hurricane glass holders go as far back a couple of centuries and are certain to start conversations when you entertain guests.

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