Monday, 6 May 2013

Easy Preschool Mother's Day Crafts

Mother’s love pictures of their children and can appreciate a special picture frame full of the smiling face of the child. This Mother’s Day craft project is really easy that most preschool children round the age of four can complete it.


To create a handprint picture frame, you can use construction paper or craft foam in a number of colors. The craft foam holds up longer and better compared to paper, but either works. You’ll also need a plain picture frame that’s a minimum of 2 inches wide around the perimeter therefore the handprints will have a wide base. Craft glue, kid friendly scissors, pencil or marker along with a picture to fit the fame would be the only other supplies you need to make this Mother’s Day preschool craft project.

The children will enjoy decorating the handprints with glitter, paint pens or flat-backed rhinestones. Decorations aren't a necessary part of the project, but children can be cultivated their creative side by personalizing their frame.


Possess the children trace their handprints to the foam or construction paper, after which cut them out in preparation for gluing these to the frame. Depending on the size the frame and the size their hands, they may need a minimum of 18 to 20 handprint cutouts to fill the perimeter from the frame.

Other alternatives to filling the perimeter with handprints only, would be to glue silk flower blossoms or colorful stones between your handprints. You’ll need to cut the flower blossoms near to the top of the stems so they will sit as flat as you possibly can on the frame.

Kids can print their names on a few of the handprints, or you can help them print “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Thanks Mom” or “I Adore you, Mom” on the handprints. Glitter glue is always fun for children, but more than a little messy to utilize. To make glittery words, trace the letters with glue after which sprinkle with glitter. Once dry, have children tap the handprints from the table to remove excess glitter.


It’s smart to help preschool layout style of their handprint frame before they begin gluing all things in place. They can get creative and overlap the handprints in varying positions or simply line them up round the rim.

If you provide glue sticks instead of liquid glue, the children shouldn't have any trouble attaching the handprints towards the frame themselves. You will need to enable them to insert the picture in the frame.

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