Thursday, 30 May 2013

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Unlike the front of the house, the backyard is really a personal landscape, whether it be a secluded refuge, a spot for entertaining, or a space that provides a little of both elements. Make your version of an ideal backyard by starting with a simple plan. Gardening writer Keith Markensen recommends taking stock of what is already in your backyard before employed in new elements. The easier the design, the easier it will be to complete and to enjoy.

Shady Oasis

An outdoor with trees means shade along with a built-in area in which to cool down. Based on Backyard Landscaping Ideas, a sitting area is a complete design by itself. Add Adirondack chairs along with a fire pit for a relaxing ambiance. Plant shade-loving hydrangeas like the blue lace cap (Hydrangea macrophylla), and also the dwarf evergreen rhododendron Mary Fleming (Rhododendron var. Mary Fleming). Add decorative containers full of impatiens or foliage plants like the colorful caladium. Plant self-seeding white wood asters (Aster divaricatus) for any late-summer bloom in the shade.

Outdoor Living

Backyard living starts with cooking outside. You may curently have the grill and the patio table underneath the umbrella, but a sunny backyard offers many possibilities. You can include creative touches such as decorative pots planted with colorful annuals, and bright tropical plants for example hibiscus. Build a small slate patio and arrange chaise lounges around it. Avoid planting flowering shrubs or perennials nearby so they won't attract bees. If your backyard is simply too open, plant ornamental grasses for screening.


An outdoor that receives full sun can host a vegetable garden. Construct elevated boxes, provide a gravel base and fill with rich soil. Choose your preferred vegetables in seed form or as starter plants. Be sure you allow space for corn along with other large plants that require width, for example cucumbers. Plant containers of strawberries and herbs. Erect a tee-pee trellis for morning glories. The greater space you want to cultivate, the greater the number of your choices.


A kid-friendly backyard has got the same tenets as a kid-friendly house, based on modern Landscaping Ideas. Steer clear of the obvious pitfalls: statuary that could topple, and benches with sharp corners, and do not plant harmful, sharp or poisonous plants for example holly trees and the perennial monkshood (Aconitum). Allow kids to develop their own flowers and vegetables. Choose trampoline game that will fit your child's age and also the size of your backyard. Consult online sources for lists of poisonous plants, and research play equipment before purchasing.


An outdoor devoted to nature offers activity and motion. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden recommends inviting wildlife to your yard with plants that attract hummingbirds along with other species of birds, as well as bees and butterflies. Coral bells (Heuchera), gayfeather (Liatris), winterberry and juniper are great choices. Add a birdbath and feeding station for year-round bird activity.

Winter View

Winter outside doesn't have to be desolate. Choose a place in which to plant ornamental grasses, sedums and evergreens for visual interest once the backyard landscape design is bleak. Winterberry (Ilex verticilata) offers bright-red berries within the coldest months and also attracts birds. Hang birdfeeders in a protected place.

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