Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cost Effective Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. And it’s no surprise that it’s also one of minimal remodeled rooms in the house too. That’s because new bathroom remodeling or renovating projects may cost a pretty penny when they involve new flooring, tubs or shower enclosures.

Accessories are great and affordable

If like many you've still got the same old fashioned towels inside your bathroom you had when you moved in, or perhaps the same ailing toilet mat inside your bathroom, then the room is definitely likely to look outdated. By replacing these accessories with a few new vibrant coloured towels and flannels of your decision, and also a new bathroom mat set can certainly help your bathroom feel revitalised as well as help you portray a new theme you might want to set.

Another good way of contributing to your bathroom is through the use of lighting. You can produce a room feel modernised through the use of lighting and you ought to look for the latest fashion designs, however something which is not going to be outdated over time, as an example the Hollywood spotlight effect is one thing that is already becoming traditional. Finding a timeless style is important. This also applies to the colours you pick. Neutral towel colours and shower curtains make the perfect idea and can give off a clear spa-like feel to your bathroom.

Updating a bath room colour palette

Updating your bathroom’s colour pattern by modernising walls, changing the wallpaper as well as purchasing a new coordinated set of bathroom accessories are good ideas. However they are all budget depending. Should you don’t really want to fork out on repainting the entire room then one idea that I actually do like is making one main wall a focus of your bathroom. Repainting this one and adding a few of nice photographs and pieces of art all work nicely. By doing this you can easily take people’s eyes from the fact that maybe the other walls aren't in as good shape because they probably should be.

One other way of updating without needing to repaint the whole room is usually to repaint skirting boards and window sills. You may make the room feel cleaner and looked after using this budget improvement technique.


If you are a bit of a diy enthusiast then updating your bathroom on a tight budget should be no problem at all, instead of using a professional in to refit and restyle the entire room. Making simple changes for example changing dated fixtures like showerheads, taps, soap holders, towel holders and then any others you can think of are pretty straight forward enough jobs that can be extremely effective in revamping your outdated bathroom.

Simply by getting out your screwdriver you may make a few changes to your bathroom without having to spend anywhere near the money you'd be doing otherwise by bringing an expert in to do the job. However if you haven’t completed many DIY tasks previously it is a definite that you should be reading diy and home improvement blogs first, this gives you some confidence and background knowledge on which you should be doing.

Restoring instead of replacing

Instead of doing what a lot of homeowners do and simply dispose of the older antique bathroom cabinets and flooring, consider how they can be restored instead. It can save you yourself a hell of a lot of money applying this technique. So many people think they need to get rid of discoloured tubs and chipped paintwork, instead of sanding down these objects and repainting them. Consider all the money you can save by only repainting instead of replacing.

You are able to adopt a completely different turn to your bathroom by changing the shades of appliances such as your sink or bathtub or bathroom cabinets by painting them different colours.

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