Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dining Room Makeover Ideas

A Dining room makeover begins with a style. The theme may be a romantic setting you visited a treadmill of the colors that warm your heart. Bring your theme along with pieces that coordinate the design and style period of the home and furniture found along with other colors in the home to give a regular appearance to your home décor.


A few pieces of new furniture provide your dining room an updated appearance. Eliminate wobbly chairs or tables by donating these to charity, and replace all of them with new ones. To keep costs down, purchase unfinished furniture you are able to stain yourself and include a large part cabinet or shelving unit you are able to paint to resemble a built-in. Bring in a presentation cabinet or one with open shelving on the top but closed storage below for table linens, placemats and supplies.


Transform the area by changing the fabrics it has. Replace seat cushions having a durable material in your new color scheme. Place a floor-length, print curtain panel to every side of the window with a valence, or add shades stained to match the furniture. Purchase new table linens to pay for an older table or seasonal ones for holiday dinners. Purchase napkins, placemats and table runners in coordinating colors and prints to hold your theme through the room.


Crystal glassware adorns the shelves while china plates stand it a row behind individual place settings. Place a group of pottery and other decorative items, like a collection of spoons, tea cups or salt shakers in the shops. Framed photographs of family and friends hold on the wall with scenic paintings or groupings of small pictures framed and matted of various wine scenes, pasta dishes or cooking implements

Traditional Yet Formal Makeover

For any more traditional and formal setting, style your dining room inside a cream-color extravaganza.
The cabinets for the traditional dining room ought to be of wood, with a mirror in the fascia. This would allow you to display the dishware, without having to be too loud.

Depending upon the dimensions of the room, get a glass topped table having a heavy base. While a round table is best advised, because it increases the scope for conversation, an oblong one can also be opted for.

Upholstered chairs function as the best bet in such a dining room. They give a regal touch to the place, without which makes it look stifling.

Play around the décor by laying a subtle shaded rug. This could add the much needed warmth towards the place.

Some intricate art pieces around the walls would surely boost the beauty by miles, as would an exotic-looking and elaborate chandelier.

Finish the appearance by placing a collection of antique china and cobalt stemware of muted shades. 

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